Masters in Marketing Courses

Masters in Marketing CoursesOverall, Masters in Marketing Degrees provide individuals with the advanced skills in economics, public relations, advertising, and promotional strategies that are essential to their success as marketing professionals. It is through these skills that graduates of Masters in Marketing programs acquire outstanding job opportunities as Marketing Managers, Market Research Professionals, Entrepreneurial Managers, and Advertising Account Executives in retail companies, advertising agencies, hotels, and other businesses everywhere.

Fortunately, there are many exceptional schools–in both traditional classrooms and via the top online Masters in Marketing degree programs–that offer quality Masters in Marketing courses to students who wish to obtain the best professional opportunities in the marketing field.

Five Popular Masters in Marketing Courses

Across the nation, there are many accredited schools that provide advanced Masters in Marketing courses as part of their degree programs. Provided below is a detailed list of five of the most popular of those course offerings.

1. Pricing Strategies: The Pricing Strategies Course provides students with the economic and behavioral analysis skills that are needed for them to make appropriate pricing decisions. This course is included in Columbia University’s Master’s in Marketing Degree program, which has been ranked as the best master’s degree program in the United States by The Best Master’s and MBA USA. Most often, the Pricing Strategies Course consists of 3 credit hours of study.

2. Economics: The Economics Course is one of the most common Masters in Marketing Courses. This course provides individuals with the basic skills in microeconomics, macroeconomics, market behavior, market structure, and international trade that are essential to effective business decision making. The Economics course usually consists of 3 credit hours of study.

3. Systematic Creativity in Business: The Systematic Creativity in Business Course provides an awareness of the tools that are needed for businesses to acquire enormous gains out of small investments. Lectures, guest speakers, and projects are often used to relay course material. Although this course usually only entails 1 or 2 credit hours of study, it is an essential component of many schools’ Master’s in Marketing Degree programs.

4. Direct Marketing: The Direct Marketing Course teaches students about target markets and their significance in direct marketing. This course also addresses the creative components of direct marketing, which include media implementations and cyber marketing. Most often, the Direct Marketing Course consists of 3 credit hours of study.

5. Strategy Beyond Markets: The Strategy Beyond Markets Course exposes individuals to the social, political, ethical, legal, and global aspects of business. This course also addresses the necessity of a business’s public and governmental interactions to enhancing its marketing efficiency. Stanford University, which is one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, includes the Strategy Beyond Markets Course as part of its Master’s in Marketing Degree program. Individuals must pass an Introduction to Markets Course before pursuing this 3-credit course.

By pursuing a Masters in Marketing Degree that includes these popular Masters in Marketing Courses, graduates will be posed to advance their marketing careers in many exciting directions.