Masters in Digital Marketing

Masters in Digital MarketingA Masters in Digital Marketing is similar to a Masters in Marketing Degree, but the emphasis is placed on today’s ever-growing and changing technological environment and the role that digital media and the prevalence of social networking play in marketing strategies across a variety of businesses. Throughout the course of a Masters in Digital Marketing degree program, individuals will take a variety of courses including general business and marketing classes, as well as classes that focus on the digital environment and how marketing strategies are designed and implemented on the Internet.

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Several common courses an individual can expect when pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing include Digital Strategy, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Internet Retailing. Completing this advanced degree will prepare individuals for lucrative careers utilizing social networking and digital media to successfully analyze your customer base and sell items online. Earning a master’s degree in digital marketing is ideal either for those looking to begin a career in one of the most innovative and constantly changing marketing environments or for someone looking to begin their career in the exciting and dynamic field of digital marketing. Making the decision to earn a Masters in Digital Marketing will open up a much broader range of career options and increase the salary potential of future marketing managers.

How To Find The Top Masters in Digital Marketing Programs

Once the decision has been made to pursue a master’s degree in digital marketing, the next step is deciding which of the best Masters in Digital Marketing degrees most adequately suits your needs and career aspirations.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when deciding which school to attend. A degree in digital marketing should preferably be taken at an accredited university with a high ranking for academic excellence and a commitment to helping students succeed and advance their career options. Other factors that influence which university should be chosen to pursue this advanced degree include whether an individual is interested in on campus classes, online classes, or a mixture of both, as well as specialized concentrations offered, how much the tuition cost is and the availability of financial aid options. It is important to remember that many employers prefer a degree that has been obtained from an accredited institution. Factors such as finances and busy home and professional lives will play a significant role in helping an individual decide which degree program would be best for them.

Two of the best universities to attend to earn a degree in digital marketing are Florida Tech University and the University of Denver. Florida Tech University offers one of the best online Masters in Digital Marketing programs in the country. This degree is available completely online which makes it ideal for those with hectic personal and work lives. This program features twenty-four hour a day access to prerecorded online video lectures by knowledgeable and well-respected faculty within the field of digital marketing. Additionally, as opposed to many other graduate schools, Florida Tech University does not require submission of GMAT or GRE scores to being this program. The University of Denver’s New Media and Internet Marketing program features an innovative curriculum delivered via either online classes, on campus classes, or a mixture of both online and on campus classes. The variety of learning environments available are ideal for both those individuals who live locally and wish to attend at least part of their courses on campus and those who are distance learners needing an online classroom environment.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Digital Marketing Degrees

With new and constantly changing digital media and social networking sites, the need for highly skilled, motivated and creative professionals in the world of digital marketing is becoming more critical than ever before. The industry needs managers who will take charge and lead companies into the future, embracing any and all new technological advances that allow companies to market their products and services to the broadest range of customers possible. Some of the most popular Masters in Digital Marketing careers include advertising managers, promotions mangers and marketing managers.

According to a 2010 estimate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Masters in Digital Marketing salaries for individuals working as advertising, promotions, and marketing managers, were approximately $108,260. Job growth within the industry is expected to rise at an average rate of 13 percent by 2020. Earning a Masters in Digital Marketing will provide individuals with the skills and theoretical knowledge needed to be competitive within the ever-changing marketing industry and increase both available career options and earning potential.