Can I Get a Job in Advertising With a Marketing Degree?

advertisingWhile there are a variety of personal and professionally advantageous vocational paths an individual could pursue, opting for a career in marketing can be uniquely advantageous. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that pay within the field is often competitive. Oftentimes, individuals who plan for a career in marketing choose to obtain a degree in marketing to help facilitate the vocational process. At the same time, they often wonder whether their marketing degree can earn them a position in similar fields such as advertising. By gaining the answer to this and other pertinent questions regarding marketing, you can determine whether this career path is right for you.

Marketing-The Basics

Marketing is a process that involves communicating the value of a service or product to prospective clients. The ultimate purpose of marketing is to sell services and products.

Attaining A Marketing Degree

Individuals who are thinking about getting a marketing degree should understand the various ways it can be accomplished. In addition to attending school in the traditional classroom, individuals can attain a marketing degree by taking courses online. There are a variety of advantages that result from taking courses online, including the fact that you do not have to be in a physical classroom at specific times. This often affords individuals the opportunity to maintain a job or care for spouse and children and can thus be very convenient.

Working In Advertising With A Marketing Degree

If you are serious about establishing a career with your marketing degree, you may wonder if the skill set and knowledge you acquire through the degree will make you a marketable candidate in the field of advertising. Because of the extensive and diverse education that one obtains in the process of attaining a marketing degree, the answer is yes. There are a variety of fields within the advertising sector that a person with a marketing degree could obtain gainful employment. In discussing this very matter, Brendan Conway notes that individuals with marketing degrees can obtain positions as advertising managers. As an advertising manager, you can use your marketing knowledge to work in the field of advertising by devising ads and/or ad campaigns.

In addition to attaining a position as an advertising manager, individuals who obtain a marketing degree can work within the field of account management. This is the case because attaining a degree in marketing necessitates that the individuals doing so almost always take business and accounting courses which equip them with the knowledge necessary to handle accounts in the advertising sector. Another position within the advertising sector that an individual with a marketing degree can attain would be that of a graphic designer. Advertising companies are generally in need of an employee who can devise clever, creative images, icons, logos, and other material to effectively market goods and services. This is a skill set that marketing majors tend to acquire through courses such as Graphic Design.

Other Job Opportunities In Advertising

There are a plethora of other positions within the field of advertising that an individual with a marketing degree could hold. Some of them include advertising sales representative, market research analyst, and an event planner.


If you are thinking about earning a degree in marketing, you should know that doing so can be very advantageous. In addition to working directly within your own field, you can pursue a variety of fun and economically rewarding jobs within the field of advertising. By considering the information above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether obtaining a marketing degree is the right decision for you. Good luck!


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