How Can I Become a News Broadcaster?

Becoming a news broadcaster isn’t easy, but it’s is possible if you have the right skills, education and personality. Keep reading to learn how to successfully go from being a field reporter to a news anchor.


The first step in becoming a news broadcaster is to have the right education. According to the BLS, most broadcast organizations expect a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications. However, many emerging employers also accept a related degree in subjects like English, political science and international studies.

Programs designed for news reporters and broadcasters will include many liberal arts classes related to history, English, economics and current events. Students should take technology classes related to online media, editing software and social media. Having a master’s degree in the student’s target area of interest will help, so a student who wants to cover international news may choose an Asian, European or Middle Eastern studies program.


Employers prioritize hiring for students who have practical experience through internships. Completing one of these programs is an excellent qualification to become a news broadcaster. Aspiring news broadcasters will directly earn the skills and experience needed through official internship programs. Some of these internships are integrated into the degree program and are available at local radio and television broadcast stations, media organizations and online news companies. All major news broadcast networks offers internship programs for students to join. Students must commit to a minimum of 15 to 20 hours of work per week and have a demonstrable passion for journalism and broadcast production.

Required Skills

News broadcasters must have demonstrable experience editing, writing and presenting news related information. They must be familiar with computers, newsroom software applications and digital and social media platforms. News broadcasters must have impeccable verbal, writing and interpersonal skills. They must be familiar with the principles of media production, editing and presentation. Most positions require employees to have a valid state driver’s license with required insurance. They should be familiar with the local broadcast demographics. They must also excel at working in a creative and fast-paced environment full of deadlines and pressure. News broadcasters should be able to smoothly and accurately assimilate and summarize information in clear, concise and presentable ways.

Essential Duties

News broadcasters often start out as writers or reporters and then work their way into becoming an anchor. In the beginning, many graduates will often work as assistants to experienced field reporters. The physical requirements for this position are demanding because these employees must frequently walk, stand, carry heavy equipment and talk for long periods of time. They must understand the basic principles of camera work and photography, such as lighting and the difference between close and distance vision. News anchors will be expected to have a strong live presence that is pleasant and professional. They must excel at informing and engaging audiences with breaking stories through conducting interesting interviews and presenting meaningful reports.

The road to becoming a news broadcaster begins with obtaining the right degree and continues with internships and entry-level work broadcast jobs.

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