How Can I Get a Top Marketing Job at Coca Cola?

Many people wonder how they can get top marketing jobs at companies like Coca Cola. The pay for these jobs is excellent, and the ability to create high budget and high impact ads is appealing. The road to reaching the top of one of these companies is long, but there are several things a person can to do make his or her way towards a career as a marketer for Coca Cola.

Gain Skills and Experience

The first step towards becoming a top marketer is to build expertise and success in the field of advertising. A degree program is a good place to start for those with little marketing or business experience. But for those who want to jump right in, it is possible to get an entry level marketing job without the marketing degree.

As you gain marketing experience, you will begin to create even bigger and higher impact marketing campaigns. If you are successful, you will be able to build a portfolio of impressive campaigns that you created. These credentials will help you in the next phase of your journey to the top: the networking phase.

Network, Network, Network

Networking will be your key to getting recognized and hired by the Coca Cola company. Major companies such as the Coca Cola company do not rely on job advertisements to find their new employees; they hire either by means of personal connections or by recognizing talent and getting in contact with the marketer in question.

As you begin to make a name for yourself in marketing, it will be important to get on good terms with many other professionals in the field. Remember that people with both higher and lower positions than yours can eventually be the people that lead you to your dream career. Building a personal relationship with others in your field, as well as giving them examples of just how great of a marketer you are, can help you build your network even further. Eventually you’ll find your way to the connection that will lead you into the Coca Cola company.

Once you have established yourself in the world of marketing, it is time to start utilizing your contacts to get noticed. You may have a contact who can get you in touch with a decision maker in the Coca Cola company, or you may know someone who can introduce you to the next contacts in the chain that will lead you to a top. It’s simply a matter of tactfully asking around, and building connections with the right people. Once you find the right person, it’s a matter of impressing the connection into getting you the job.


Getting a top marketing job at Coca Cola is a long process that involves building contacts and respect in the field of marketing. If you are just starting out in marketing, it may be better to set your sights a little lower at first and try building a profitable career in marketing first. As you can experience and skills, a job at Coca Cola may be within your reach. The path to get there will be very rewarding and interesting for the right type of person.

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