How Do Businesses use QR Codes?

According to Inc. magazine, there are many creative ways for businesses to use QR codes. Companies who use this innovative technology will reap a variety of revenue, business and marketing rewards.

Marketing Materials

A QR code works well on all marketing materials. This includes flyers, brochures, handouts and even technical white papers. When it comes to print advertisements, companies can promote their latest sales and specials while also reducing paper waste. Instead of printing multi-page and colorful circulars, businesses can shrink their marketing message by highlighting a few offers and including a QR-coded URL at the bottom of the page. This saves money for the company and increases consumer engagement. Linking the URL to the QR code is an excellent way to track how much traffic comes through print ads. A QR code can also be used in conjunction with online marketing content. For instance, the company can add the QR code to send photos, point customers to a landing page and direct them to social media platforms.

Business Cards

A QR code fits nicely onto business cards. Instead of giving customers bland business card with just basic contact information, companies can use a QR code to include a wealth of information. This has excellent marketing applications because the QR code can offer links to blogs, websites, social media accounts and professional profiles. QR codes demonstrate to potential customers and business partners that the company appreciates simplicity and embraces technology. A QR code also works well with trans-promotional marketing campaigns. Trans-promo marketing integrates personalized content into standard business bills and invoices. A QR code on a regular bill will provide the client with individualized content while also leading them to customer service for things like resolving issues and obtaining user guides. Companies can also add a QR code onto complementary business stationery.

Public Events

Many companies use QRs on event materials so that attendees can travel light. This includes maps, e-tickets, travel directions and event handouts. QRs are also used in mass marketing campaigns. In the past, companies have promoted charitable causes by placing scannable codes on packaging that give customers chances to like the company on social media sites, read about the target charitable cause and donate directly to a third-party. Marketers can use QRs before public events that offer special sales to build up hype and excitement. They can create QR code window signs that will encourage viewers to learn more, register for the event or sign up for deals. When it comes to freebies, marketers can thank customers for their patronage by simply creating an exclusive QR code that is linked to the free item.

From an operational standpoint, some companies use QRs in inventory management because they perform the same functions as RFID tags and 2D barcodes. The codes allow business owners to track names, prices, dates and serial and part numbers. Health care organization use QR codes to identify patients, track medications, update vital signs and download medical histories.

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