How Do You Become A Market Research Analyst?

Market Research AnalystThe passion that you have for advertising and your love of statistics can help you become a market research analyst. Analysts work with companies before those companies release a new product and when those companies notice a decrease in sales on old products. They examine market conditions, hold focus groups and perform other tests to determine what people respond to and what consumers want. Analysts then take that data back to the companies to show them how to better introduce a new product or a redesign of an old product. The courses that you take in college can help you find work as an analyst later.

Attend College

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to become a market research analyst, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. While only a small number of schools offer market research degrees, you can gain skills in a business program or while studying mathematics. The best courses available at the undergraduate level include courses on statistics, computer science, psychology and other social sciences. Some market research companies prefer workers with a higher degree, which you can earn through an MBA program.

Intern at a Marketing Company

If you expect to immediately find a good job after graduation, think again. Market research firms prefer applicants who have some level of experience and those who don’t require additional training on research methods, statistics programs and consumer tracking software. Talk to your college about interning at a local marketing company during the summer months or during the school year. Even if you spend more time answering the phone and filing documents than you did in meetings, you’ll get a good look at how those companies operate and what those businesses do every day.

Get Certified

The Marketing Research Association is a large organization devoted to improving the research filed and helping marketing companies. This organization is also responsible for administering the Professional Researcher Certification exam. Also known as the PRC examination, it can help you improve your standing in the field. Before taking the test, you must have a minimum of three years working in the research field and be part of an organization in your field. While not all employers look at your certification, it can help you land some jobs in the marketing world.

Join a Professional Network

Though you don’t need to join a professional network to become a market research analyst, there are a number of benefits associated with becoming a member. The American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association, Sales & Marketing Executives International, Direct Marketing Association and other organizations hold frequent meetings. Those meetings let you learn more about new methods of advertising, changes coming to the field and trends identified by other experts. You also have the chance to meet and greet, network with people from all across the country and form friendships and relationships that might lead to job offers later. Some organizations will even let you join while enrolled in an accredited college program.

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Market analysts stay on top of market trends and find ways of advertising products to consumers. They help companies avoid losing money on marketing campaigns and help those businesses make more money. To become a market research analyst, you need a college degree and some experience, but joining a professional organization and obtaining your certification may also help.