How Long Does It Take To Get a Marketing Degree Online?

MarketingIf you are wondering how long it takes to get a marketing degree online, the amount of time you can expect to spend in school depends upon several factors. A marketing degree could be the difference between a meaningless low-paying job and a fulfilling career where there is an opportunity to advance. Unfortunately, to earn a degree you will need to spend time with your head in the books and money to enroll in a degree program.

Distance education has completely changed the way that high school graduates and professionals approach their higher education, according to US News and World Report. Now that more and more schools have an online degree program offering, it is possible for students to earn their degrees during their free time without having to completely rearrange their schedules. If you would like to study online, read on and find out how long you can expect to spend in school covering marketing curriculum.

 Associate’s in Marketing

The duration of a degree program depends on what type of degree you would like to earn. Choosing a degree program can be difficult because you may be intimidated by the prospect of committing to complete years of content. This is why some prospective marketers will first enroll in an associate’s degree program so that they can get the minimum level of education needed to open doors in the field.

If you start by earning your A.A. degree majoring in marketing, you will spend anywhere from 18 months to 48 months in school. The duration depends upon the college you attend, your enrollment status, and whether or not you pass your classes the first time aroudn. If you are enrolled in an intensive program and you take a full load of 15 to 20 credits each semester, you can graduate in two years or less studying online.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

A bachelor’s degree is preferred by most marketing firms and larger corporations. One reason why this is preferred, is because you will spend half of the time you are in class focusing on marketing content and not just general education courses. When you take an online B.A. program majoring in marketing, you will be required to take around 120 credits throughout the course of the program.

How long it takes to complete all of these credits depends upon your enrollment status and how many credits you have from previous studies. If you are already done with an associate’s program, you may only need to complete 60 marketing-related credits. If you do not have any credits done, you will spend an average of four years in a full-time program earning your degree. If you study only part-time, it could take five to six years to earn a degree depending on your course load.

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Studying for any type of degree can be challenging, no matter what platform you choose to study on. If you are trying to pick an online program, you be sure to verify the accreditation status of the school. After you compare each online program to find only the most reputable options, you can then decide if you want to spend time as a full-time or a part-time student so that you know how long it takes to get a marketing degree online.