What Types of Jobs are Available With a Ph.D in Marketing?

A variety of types of jobs are avPh.D in Marketingailable with a Ph.D in Marketing, and offer the chance to enjoy a prosperous career and lifelong professional growth. A marketing program at the doctoral level is a fascinating study of the traditional aspects of the industry along with lessons on human behavior, the psychology of the consumer, and the mathematics of business. A graduate with a marketing doctorate may enter into a variety of positions in the business world, as well as look at jobs in education at the college level.

Skills Learned in Marketing

Students of marketing enter a varied and dynamic curriculum that features topics on a variety of subjects like information technology, organizational behavior, and political economics. The diversity of Ph.D marketing curriculums helps students qualify for a variety of roles in today’s business environment. Depending upon a student’s goals after graduation, it may be beneficial to choose a program that offers specialties and allows the student to focus on learning how to be a teacher of marketing or learning the necessary skills for working in the public sector in marketing.

The Importance of Getting Published

The types of jobs available with a Ph.D in Marketing expand significantly when a student successfully publishes after graduation. Much of the time a student will spend in a Ph.D program will be in the research of his or her dissertation, and it’s important to continue research and professional writing after graduation. For example, the American Marketing Association (AMA) offers a peer-reviewed journal called the Journal of Marketing Research and requires review by other professionals before publication is authorized.

Becoming a Teacher of Marketing

One of the biggest decisions a student of marketing will need to make is whether to pursue a Ph.D in Marketing or whether to cease higher education at the bachelor’s or master’s degree level. A student who seeks a Ph.D in Marketing will very often be someone with an interest in teaching, and students will even teach classes while they are a doctoral candidate.

Major Fields of Study within Marketing and Appropriate Jobs

At the Ph.D level, marketing students usually define their study in one of three sub-categories. Those areas include marketing from the perspective of economics, the perspective of business, or the perspective of the consumer. Not surprisingly, each of these categories requires a different type of study that may translate into jobs in different areas. For example, a marketing expert on business may find work at the management level in business. A marketing expert on consumer behavior might work at a marketing firm. A marketing expert who understands economics may enter politics.

Job Titles for those with a Marketing Ph.D

In addition to getting a job as a college professor or teacher, a recent graduate with a Ph.D in Marketing may also seek out work as public relations or fundraising managers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests these lucrative careers could offer a salary of almost $100,000 a year. Other profitable positions include Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, and a variety of positions in upper management for major corporations.

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A Ph.D requires lengthy study; however, students who enjoy research and writing may want to consider obtaining a doctorate in marketing. Frequently, the best types of jobs available with a Ph.D in Marketing are those in academia, research, and teaching; however, students may also enter the corporate world and work in management or business.