What Does a Director of Marketing Do?

Director of MarketingAre you familiar with what a Director of Marketing does on a daily basis? If you are currently studying to work in the field of marketing or you are trying to climb up the corporate ladder, familiarizing yourself with what those at the top of that ladder do is important. By doing this, you will know what you are working so hard to achieve. For those who want to work as marketing managers and then eventually directors of their departments, it is time to learn about the roles of directors in the field. Read on, and you can discover just what you will do as a marketing director.

The Role of the Marketing Director

Marketing is part of all businesses in all sectors and all industries. No matter what industry you work in or who your customer happens to be, marketing will play a role. A director of marketing is an executive level professional who’s primary purpose is to oversee the entire marketing department to ensure that all projects and campaigns are running smoothly and profitably, according to Wise Geek. As the head of the department, they key task of the director is to come up with strategies for campaigns and target markets and then implement these strategies. The director is the person who will answer for the success or failure of the department in the end.

Daily Duties and Responsibilities of a Director

Marketing directors have a lot on their plate so it is not often that one day is like another. What you will actually do when you hold this title depends on the size of the organization that you are employed by and the industry that you work in. If you would like a general idea of what you can expect your day to be like, here are some of the common responsibilities of the marketing director:

  • Delegate work to staff and marketing managers
  • Check the status of campaigns in progress with sales and marketing managers
  • Choose target markets, set product pricing, etc.
  • Monitor sales to develop new marketing strategies or adjust current plans
  • Set goals for employees to keep the department motivated
  • Handle disputes that have been escalated past management
  • Review employee performance and issue promotions when necessary
  • Meet with executives in other departments for integrated planning

What is the Average Salary of a Marketing Director

The success of an organization is often attributed to how well the organization researched and then implemented their marketing plans. If you want to really push yourself to become a marketing director, knowing how much you can expect to earn while holding this title could be a great nudge. While your actual salary will depend on region, industry, structure of the organization and size of the company, the average director of marketing in the United States will earn $124,105 per year according to Glassdoor.

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You cannot expect to be qualified to hold a director position fresh out of college. If you want to be given so much responsibility, you need to prove yourself as a marketing asset. You can start by taking a formal degree program in sales, marketing or a relevant field. After you have done this, you can gain experience, get an advanced degree, and show you have the knowledge that you need to do what a director of marketing does.