What is a Marketing Management Degree?

You have probably heard of a Marketing degree and a Management degree, but have you heard of a Marketing Management Degree? If you have always dreamed of entering the field of marketing and working your way to the top, this hybrid degree could be the perfect path for you to take to get a leg up on the competition. A Marketing Management degree covers a variety of different subjects that are all directly related to marketing and also management within the field of marketing. By fusing the two complimentary fields, students can build a strong foundation of knowledge of the concepts that all entry-level, mid-career level, and even higher level professionals need to know. Here is your guide to understanding when the Marketing Management Degree is right for you:

Who is the Marketing Management Degree Program Right For?

The wisest students will sit down and learn about a program before they commit 3 to 5 years earning a degree. If you want to select the best program based on your interests, your goals, and what motivates you, you should find out who is a good candidate for the Marketing Management degree program before you even apply for admission. If your goal is to become a part of a Marketing team at one capacity or another, pursuing this degree could be a great choice. There are several different occupations in the field of marketing and these occupations include: Marketing Researcher, Marketing Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Store Manager, Brand Development Specialist, and Product Development Specialist.

What Will the Best Marketing Management Programs Teach You?

Now that you have decided that attaining a Marketing Management will in fact get into the field that you have always wanted to work in, the next step is learning what you should expect when you enroll in the program. A majority of programs will prepare students marketing concepts, principles, and business practices that any professional in the field will need to know. Students in this program will also be expected to develop their own marketing plans and campaigns nearing the end of the program. Some of the different core courses that all students must complete to earn the degree include:

  • Marketing principles
  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Distribution Management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Management skills
  • Accounting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Ethics and law

The amount of credit hours that you must complete to earn your degree can vary from program to program. If you are in a traditional Bachelor’s degree program, you can expect to complete an average of 130 credit hours to complete the program. While the traditional program takes 4 years to complete, accelerated programs can be completed in an online setting in 2 to 3 years if this is the right type of learning platform for you.

Job outlook for marketing managers and advertising executives is positive and employment is predicted to grow by 14% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With most employers requiring candidates to have a minimum of a B.S. to apply for management positions, it is important to attain the right degree now so that you can compete just a few years down the line. Enter a growing field that becomes more and more important to organizations around the globe, and earn your specialized degree majoring in Marketing Management.