What is an Email Drip Campaign?

An email drip campaign is a type of online marketing campaign that lets you schedule the messages and ads that you send out to customers and prospective customers. Many companies use these methods when sending out email newsletters. While there are some benefits to email drip campaigns, there are other things you should know before launching one.

How Does an Email Drip Campaign Work?

These campaigns work in one of two ways. The first is with a campaign based around a set period of time. One example might be the release of a new product. You can arrange for emails to go out with limited information a few months before its release. As you get closer to the release, you can send out messages and emails that contain more information, such as pictures of the product or videos of people using it.

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The other method uses your customers and their actions. You can arrange for emails to go out when customers click a link to visit a page on your site or when they perform some other type of action.

When to Use an Email Drip Campaign

When you want to encourage customers to come back, using an email drip campaign can be effective. When you let customers fill their virtual shopping carts on their site and give them the chance to create their own accounts, you’ll see each time someone abandoned a cart. You can then send a quick email to let them know that they left items behind, and you can even offer a small discount on that purchase. Joe Stych recommends using drip marketing campaigns to nurture leads and engage with customers, too.

Message Length

You might wonder how long your messages or emails should be when launching one of these campaigns. While there is no clear answer, you generally want to make those messages short and concise. Get to the point as quickly as possible. Think about the emails that you get in your own in-box. You probably delete longer messages because you know you’ll never read those emails. An email that consists of just a few sentences and a link to another page is more effective than a longer email.

Conversion Rates

With an drip marketing campaign, you can easily keep track of your conversion rates. This lets you see how effective the campaign is in terms of how many people click the links in your emails or contact you in other ways. When creating a campaign based around engaging with customers, you can quickly see how many people respond to your message or visit your site and fill out a short survey. Giving them a promo code for a future purchase can make any customer want to give you some feedback. These emails can lead to more customers subscribing to your newsletter, too.

Online marketing campaigns are quite effective at helping you get the customers that you need. An email drip campaign is a direct marketing campaign that lets you target certain groups of people and send messages over time.