What is Back-end Web Development?

What is back-end web development? While most people realize that there are over 10 careers they can land after learning a bit of coding, back-end development is still a mystery. With the importance of this job in a world where the internet is the main way people communicate and conduct business, it’s important to understand just what is back-end development. Here’s a short summary of this kind of development and the tools necessary to become a developer.

The Standard Definition

The best way to understand backend web development is to view it as a complement to front-end web development; while front-end refers to the look and feel of a website, the back-end development process ensures that the website or application runs smoothly by utilizing a special set of tools, including coding and other programs, for usability. Because back-end development deals with the technical aspects of a website, it is a required process that not only affects the website but any business or engagement that the website gets from its users.


Back-end development focuses on server-side programming, making it a time-consuming process that is as challenging as it is rewarding. Developers who work on the back-end must have a good foundation in application architecture, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other web development frameworks. They must also understand how frameworks and libraries work together in order to build a usable website or application; data analysis is also necessary for these kinds of developers. Back-end development also focuses on Python, SWL, and JQuery, enabling the developers to construct the architecture a website is built on and run it smoothly in the background, invisible to the users who visit a website or application.

Aspects of BackEnd Web Development

There are three aspects to back-end development. This includes the server, the machine that actually houses the code and programming that runs the website; the application, the website that is visible on the internet; and the database, a program that stores all of the information necessary for a website to run as well as any data that it receives from visitors, including commerce and email queries, comments on blogs, and more. Each aspect of back-end development is as important as the other two, allowing the website to operate normally.

A Technical Profession

A back-end developer is responsible for building the site from the ground up, and while it is possible for full-stack developers to do both front-end and back-end work, back-end developers are professionals who excel at the data and algorithms that make up the web. For this reason, back-end developers spend a lot of time continuing their education, including learning new programming languages, solving problems that may arise with the operability of the website they manage, and more. It is a technical position that requires attention to detail and an acute understanding of how frameworks and systems work.

Back-end development is a profession that will only grow as more businesses continue to move to online commerce sites and virtual services. This need will be informed by new programming languages as well as advanced frameworks, both of which lie squarely in the expertise of a back-end developer. Now that you know the answer to what is back-end web development, it’s time to decide whether you believe that it could be a good career choice for you.