What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is quite possibly the most popular form of advertising used in online retail settings. It’s impossible for a consumer who is visiting a site’s landing page without encountering some form of visual advertisement on display. Anyone who is interested in working in online marketing or digital advertising should be familiar with the varying methods that are used in all of the most profitable industries. Here’s a breakdown of this method for future online marketers or e-Commerce store owners:

What Exactly Is a Display Advertisement?

If a company is promoting their products, sales, or brand, they are advertising to a widespread audience. Advertising can be done in a number of different ways for positive promotion and to build brand recognition. One way that more and more big box companies and even smaller service providers are reaching the growing audience of Internet users is via display advertisements.

Display advertisements are visual ads that are found online on various types of sites in the form of banners, click-through buttons, videos, and other images. They are published on a website as part of the page’s web design and structure. As visitors who meet the criteria that are set for a target demographic hit the site, the appropriate and will be displayed.

How Effective is Display Advertising?

While display adverts are something that you will see on almost all sites, they don’t tend to be all that effective. It takes a huge quantity of visitors to see even a small percentage of action. This is to be expected because it is a form of advertising to individuals who aren’t actively seeking out a product or service.

Advertisements that are on display are often called Pay Per Click campaign ads. This is because the company that is doing the advertisements is paying for each person who clicks through. Click-Through-Rate is extremely important in the world of paid digital advertising. According to Statista, the Google Adwords click-through rate is higher than the global average but varies by industry. The highest click-through rate is for dating services and the lowest was for legal services.

It Is All in The Ad Format Variety

The best display advertisers have their ad formats down to a science. Professionals in the digital advertising arena all know that having a preconceived notion of what is going to work best for a specific campaign is never a good idea.

The sizing of the image, whether it will be standard text or an image, and where the ad is located will all need to change from project to project. This is why it is so important for marketers to have a conversion tracking system in place to see how display ads perform early on. Without this, it is hard to make adjustments to formatting, location, frequency, and bad placements.

There is a lot more to a display ad campaign than many initially think. Business owners who are trying to appeal to a market or simply build a book-of-business through a growing brand awareness often attempt to handle their Search Engine Optimization and their digital marketing on their own. Professionals have spent years learning the techniques on how to reach a wider audience on a budget. One way to do this is through display advertising on high-traffic and relevant sites.