What is Internet Marketing?

Internet MarketingIf you find the worlds of marketing and/or technology to be interesting, you may have wondered what Internet marketing is? Below you will find an answer to this question as well as several others that pertain to the world of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, internet marketing is a specific type of marketing that incorporates the use of one or several strategies to help a business expand its online presence. Generally, the purpose of internet marketing is to increase a business’s conversion rates. When done effectively, internet marketing will generate positive outcomes such as first page ranking in the search engine results pages of major engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Types of Internet Marketing

There are a variety of different internet marketing strategies that can be implemented to help a business gain greater visibility in the online world. Some of the strategies that may be employed include:

1. Content Creation

While any form of internet marketing can be effective in helping a business accomplish its online sales goals, many advertising experts argue that content creation is the most important. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that content is the aspect of a business website or blog that prospective clients review in order to learn more about its goods and services. To create effective content, marketing experts ensure that it is scannable, meaning that readers can quickly skim through the document to find the specific information they are looking for. To make text scannable, writers will implement textual elements such as headers, bullets, and numbered lists. Additionally, they will ensure that the content is free of grammatical errors, tangential rants, and/or fluff that detracts from the main idea being explained or explored.

2. Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is another important internet marketing strategy that can help a business’s website or blog gain greater visibility on the internet. With this technique, internet marketing experts will do research on the type of keywords that internet users type into the search field when looking for specific information. Once they determine what these keywords are, they are systematically integrated into the content of the client’s website to ensure that the pages gain competitive ranking in the search engine results pages.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMO)

In the last several years, social media channels have become an incredibly effective medium through which businesses can provide the public with information regarding their goods and services. For example, professional internet marketing companies can launch a tweeting campaign on Twitter for clients. This type of campaign would incorporate systematically tweeting links to the client’s product pages via Twitter, and also subtly encouraging prospective clients to retweet the message to individuals in their own social networks. SMO is very powerful for many reasons, including the fact that it can cause a business owner’s website, blog, or video to go “viral,” reaching a potentially unlimited number of people in a matter of minutes.

Emerging Trends

As with every other sector of technology, the world of internet marketing is subject to perpetual change and evolution. According to Forbes, content marketing will become even more important than it already is. He also notes that image-centered content will gain prevalence while making content simple, rather than providing unnecessarily complex or in-depth messages, will become important.

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If you find the world of the internet and/or marketing to be of interest, you may find that gaining a deeper understanding of what Internet marketing is will help you operate more proficiently within either sector. Now that you know what Internet marketing is,  you will be able to identify trends and acquire skills that enable you to perform more effectively within the advertising and technological sectors.