What is the IAB?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, also known as the IAB, is a professional organization that is open to those working in the advertising field. This is the group responsible for developing the standards and regulations that advertisers must follow when creating ads that appear on radio, television and in print media. Its network consists of individual chapters in the United States and abroad, and more than 5,000 companies and groups participate in that network. The IAB does a number of things every year to support both students enrolled in college programs and those working in the advertising industry.

Professional Certification

According to the IAB website, it offers four different types of professionals certification. Its digital media buying and planning certification is best for those who want to plan the ads that appear online and buy or sell those ads, while its digital data solutions certification lets professionals show that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to solve common problems with online ads. The IAB also offers certification in digital ad operations for those who actually design and implement online ads and certification in digital media sales for those who make online ad sales.

Public Policy Advocates

IAB members often have an interest in public policy and work as advocates to change the laws and policies put in place. This group might meet with politicians to talk about the rise in online ads and how some content is not suitable for all audiences before deciding how to limit the ads that certain users see. IAB members also participate in community meetings and attend political events to talk about issues relating to people stealing online content, peer to peer file sharing networks and other issues that impact the number of people who see online ads.

Standards and Guidelines

This organization is also responsible for creating the standards and guidelines that professionals in the field use. Many of its best practices are available online. One guide the organization published in relation to its guidelines was one on mobile data tracking. This publication shows users how they can track the locations of those who play games online on their phones and to what limits they can track those players. Other standards that are available online show how companies can adapt the information they receive about customers and how they can use that data to customize ads or target specific groups of customers.

Curriculum Development

Many people do not realize that the Interactive Advertising Bureau also assists with curriculum development. As the digital world changes, advertisers must know how to keep up with those changes. They must understand the difference between advertising on a mobile game like Pokemon Go versus advertising on a blog or website. The IAB offers professional development classes that teach advertisers new marketing methods and webinars that they can watch on their home or work computers. Members can also watch shorter videos online, read documents and publications released by the organization and get help choosing a college program with an emphasis in advertising.

Digital marketing refers to the ways in which companies advertise on mobile games, social media sites and other websites. Many of those working in this industry will find it helpful to join the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which offers resources for professionals and certification in four key areas.

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