What Is the Typical Salary for Someone With a Marketing Degree?

Although there are a variety of questions that individuals who pursue a marketing degree may have, one of the most primary issues that concerns them is what type of marketing salary they can expect to earn. This can be a challenging question to answer given that factors such as experience, internships, and job location can play a role in determining what type of salary one will earn. Despite these variables, however, individuals who have obtained or are in pursuit of a marketing degree can gain information that will give them a better understanding of what type of salary they will likely earn. 

The Marketing Degree-A Basic Overview

Although broadly defined, marketing is basically the business of promoting and selling goods and services, including advertising and market research. Individuals who choose to pursue a marketing degree will attain skills geared towards helping them market effectively. Some skills that one generally obtains when in pursuit of a marketing degree include the ability to effectively launch and/or manage advertisement campaigns.

Expected Salaries For People With Marketing Degrees

After an individual attains a marketing degree, she or he can begin looking for a job. Identifying a typical salary for an individual who has obtained a marketing degree is difficult given that a plethora of different factors can determine annual income. However, it is possible to offer individuals with marketing degrees an estimate regarding what they can expect to make if they hold specific jobs within the marketing sector. Here are some estimates:

1. Account Executive.

An account executive (or advertising sales agent) is an individual who maintains positive and profitable relationships with current and prospective advertising accounts. To ensure that the businesses which employ them continue to experience growth and expansion, account executives also spend time establishing and developing favorable relationships for the purpose of creating new accounts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an account executive in 2012 was $46,290 per year (or $22.26 per hour.)

2. Public Relations Specialist.

A public relations specialist is an individual who prepares and subsequently disseminates data about a business or organization via periodicals, newspapers, radio, television, and other types of media. The public relations specialist is responsible for managing PR activities and has other responsibilities that parallel those of account executives. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for public relations specialists in 2012 was $61,980.

3. Marketing Manager.

A marketing manager is an individual who plans, coordinates, and directs marketing programs and policies. Some of the responsibilities of a marketing manager include determining the product and service demand for both one’s client and their competitors. Marketing managers are also responsible for identifying potential clients. To help their clients function effectively, marketing managers create pricing strategies for the purpose of maximizing profits while simultaneously ensuring that the client’s customers are satisfied. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the 2012 median salary for a marketing manager is $129,870.


If you are considering a career in marketing, you should know that pursuing this vocation can be personally and professionally profitable. By reviewing some of the job positions and annual incomes listed above, you can gain a good understanding of the type of marketing salary you can expect to earn once you begin working within your field of choice.