What Statistics Jobs are in Marketing?

marketing statisticsThere are actually a variety of statistics jobs in marketing that are open to business professionals who enjoy researching, analyzing and synthesizing qualitative data. Below introduces three popular statistics jobs in marketing.

Market Analyst

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a market analyst performs in-depth research into market conditions in order to examine the marketability and potential profitability of a product or service. That is, they help their company understand what products consumers want, why they prefer them and who specifically will buy them. They spend their time performing comprehensive market research through gathering data from both online and traditional sources. They also elicit information from secondary research sources, such as industry publications, third-party statisticians and government consumer experts. They create and maintain databases of captured market data, which they manipulate to provide market insight.

Afterwards, market analysts use this data to prepare and present reports on current market trends and new market opportunities. They also report on competition performance and speculate about the market penetration potential for new products or services. Thus, they must have excellent computer and analytical skills in order to properly analyze marketing metrics to ascertain cause and effect relationships. However, statistics jobs in marketing also focus on consumers.

Consumer Research Analyst

A consumer research analyst is a marketing professional who helps organizations optimize product quality, performance and functionality. A consumer research analyst must have a fundamental grasp of the product development process in order to support innovation, quality initiatives and new product development. They use their strong project management skills and understanding of quantitative market research techniques to report on consumer trends and product preferences. They spend their time collecting objective consumer data through traditional and innovative ways in order to generate actionable recommendations.

They are typically assigned to certain products and thus work on projects that report on the consumer acceptability of new products through analyzing performance reviews. As a result, they tactically impact their company through interpreting and communicating the results of their research studies. A consumer research analyst is considered to be a consumer advocate because they objectively represent the opinions and preferences of the target customers. They sometimes assist management with planning, designing, and implementing product and consumer tests that benchmark performance.

Statistics Analyst

A statistics analyst is in charge of executing analytical reports on clients or groups who utilize the company’s services. They are in charge of leading different analytical projects. For example, they may be required to lead an analysis project that reports on customer satisfaction or evaluate the accuracy of customer account data. Therefore, they must have excellent project management skills in order to effectively design, direct and evaluate their comprehensive assignments. They must also have excellent documentation and communication skills in order to present results to management and other teams.

They regularly collaborate with internal employees and external clients in order to determine the appropriate assessment parameters, performance metrics, and desired results. They use various tools and strategies to implement, monitor and report on their projects. For example, their statistical reports must effectively interpret results, identify trends, provide solutions to problems and deliver actionable recommendations that support business objectives. Finally, they are involved with strategic market planning, internal audits and sales and marketing meetings.

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Keep in mind that statistics jobs in marketing aren’t limited to the three unique jobs above. Other statistics jobs in marketing include research manager, database analyst and web analytics technician.