What Types of Jobs are Available in Internet Marketing?

Internet MarketingIndividuals who have thought about pursuing careers in online advertising may have wondered about the types of jobs available in Internet marketing. By reading the information found below, you can learn more about a variety of positions that you can pursue within this sector.

Search Engine Marketing Manager

A search engine marketing manager is an individual who leads the daily management of paid search engine marketing campaigns. This would include aspects of the search campaign such as bid management, ad copy writing and testing, keyword generation, budget management, and landing page optimization. Additionally, search engine marketing managers are often responsible for analyzing search campaigns across several engines to make sure that conversion objectives are realized. Some other responsibilities may include the performance of predictive modeling, utilizing data modeling to maximize PPC campaign effectiveness, and/or testing new campaigns to more effectively reach the target market. PayScale reports that search engine marketing managers earn an average of $59,619 annually.

Internet Marketing Administrator

Although the term, Internet marketing administrator, is broadly defined, individuals who hold this position are typically responsible for designing and/or implementing online advertising strategies that will increase the online visibility and conversion rates of the employer. There are a plethora of responsibilities that the Internet marketing administrator can utilize to accomplish these objectives, including website development and maintenance, content creation, creation and implementation of social media marketing campaigns, utilization of online reputation management (ORM)strategies, creation of banner advertisements for the company site, and more. Internet marketing administrators typically garner about $38,000 annually.

Web Content Specialist

A web content specialist is an individual whose primary purpose is to write, edit, modify, and manage the content of an organization’s website. In many cases, a web content specialist will utilize graphic design skills to ensure that the employer’s site is both aesthetically appealing and functional. As a result of these responsibilities, the web content specialist will typically play a very primary role in shaping the voice and image of the company. Some of the other responsibilities that this Internet marketing position might entail include ensuring that website content is current, recommending strategies to improve conversion, developing content strategies, troubleshooting in content display, creating and implementing procedures to manage website content, and monitoring social media outlets. To function effectively in this position, job candidates should possess strong writing, editing, and proofreading abilities. Previous experience in web content writing, Internet research and content management will also make candidates more marketable. Finally, a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as English, journalism, marketing, information technology, or communications, is advisable. A web content specialist can expect to earn about $58,000 annually.

Digital/Social Media Strategist

A digital/social media strategist is an individual who works to make sure that the client’s utilization of various forms of digital technology, such as mobile, social, or web, is optimized. Typically, the digital/social media strategist will devise and implement social media techniques such as tweeting links via Twitter or launching a contest featuring promotional prizes via Facebook. Individuals who hold this position will often work with clients to grasp their company goals and subsequently conduct the research necessary to ensure that his or her marketing campaign will effectively reach the target market and boost conversion rates. To be a competitive candidate for this position, aspiring digital/social media strategists should attain a degree in a relevant field, such as marketing, advertising, communications, or English.  Digital media strategists can expect to earn about $82,000 annually.

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If you are interested in attaining a job within the Internet marketing sector, you should know that there are several wonderful positions that you can choose from. Now that you have a basic understanding of the types of jobs available in Internet marketing, you can determine which one would be most advantageous in helping you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals.