What Types of Marketing Are There?

Although there are a variety of different questions that people interested in the field of marketing tend to ask, one of the primary concerns pertains to what different marketing types exist. Gaining an answer to this question can be beneficial for many reasons, including the fact that it can help a marketing student determine which vocational path to follow. By reviewing the information listed above, you can make prudent decisions (whether personal or professional) that pertain to the field of marketing. 

Marketing-The Basics

Although broadly defined, marketing is basically a management process that involves taking products and services from concept to customer. Marketing includes four elements that are often referred to as the “4 P’s of Marketing.” They include:

1. identifying, selecting and developing a product
2. determining the product price
3. selecting a distribution channel in order to reach the customer
4. developing and implementing a promotional strategy

Different Types Of Marketing

Individuals who want to familiarize themselves with the field of marketing should know that there are a plethora of different marketing types. Some of them include:

1. Internet Marketing.

In defining internet marketing, the Search Engine Journal notes that it is a process that involves promoting brands, goods, and services through the internet. (Internet marketing is also referred to as online marketing.) The field of internet marketing includes forms of marketing such as electronic customer relationship management, email marketing, and any other types of promotional activities which are completed through wireless media. Internet marketing also involves combining the creative and technical components of the internet such as designing, sales, advertising, and development. Finally, internet marketing involves the creation and placement of ads throughout the different stages of the customer engagement cycle.

2. Offline Marketing.

Offline marketing is a form of marketing that is considered to be the opposite of online marketing. In essence, offline marketing involves all types of marketing that are completed without internet use. Some examples of offline marketing could include phonebook advertisements and commercials aired through radio or television. In today’s contemporary world, many business owners are combining their offline and online marketing ventures in order to maximize profits and ensure continual growth and expansion.

3. Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing (also referred to as traditional marketing) includes any form of marketing designed to introduce services or products to people who aren’t looking for them. Some examples of outbound marketing include sending newsletters, calling, banner ads that appear on various web sites, and billboards.

4. Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that involves ensuring that your business can be found by customers. It is thus different from outbound marketing, the form of marketing in which businesses or companies reach out to clients directly. With respect to inbound marketing, the principle to remain cognizant of is the fact that customers begin the purchasing process with a want or need. They subsequently go out to find the product or service that satisfies this want or need. When the customer searches for the product or service via search engine, the results pages will provide them with inbound marketing results. Rather than making use of paid advertisements, inbound marketing is the SEO (search engine optimization) component of web marketing.


If you are interested in a career in marketing or simply want to learn more about the field, the information listed above regarding the different types of marketing can be of great assistance to you. By learning more about the different marketing types that exist, you can make informed decisions that help you succeed in the marketing sector.


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