5 Conferences for Digital Marketing in 2017

As a web designer, an online writer or someone who runs an online business, you should make time in your schedule to attend at least one of the 2017 conferences for digital marketing. Digital marketing looks at factors like how people surf the web, the types of ads that appeal to customers and the importance of search engine optimization. These conferences can significantly improve your digital marketing skills.

Traffic & Conversion Summit

San Diego, California will host the Traffic & Conversion Summit March 10-12. This conference focuses both on how to get traffic to your site and how to convert those visitors into sales. It will look specifically at new methods of driving traffic to a site, including the use of videos posted on sites like YouTube and making professional contacts on LinkedIn. The Traffic & Conversion Summit will also include information on its patented funnel conversion system, which uses other sites to funnel traffic to a specific site.


Miami, Florida will welcome digital marketing experts February 4-5 for the Connect conference. Those attending this conference include digital marketers, online content writers, SEO experts and web designers. It will discuss both paid and free searches and how you can entice prospective customers to your site. You will also learn search engine optimization strategies that actually work. SEO requires picking the right keywords that both relate to your site and relate to what those customers search for online. You can also pick up tips on creating and running ads on other sites.

Social Media Strategies Summit 2017

The annual Social Media Strategies Summit will take place February 7-9 in San Francisco, California. According to the official site, guest speakers will include strategists and designers like Lindsay Kaplan, Chris Bowler, Alisa Ben and Michael Smith. Each of those speakers will give a short presentation over the weekend and answer questions from the crowd. Workshops will cover topics like using Twitter and LinkedIn to your advantage, how to gather data from visitors and building your online brand through social media sites. The Social Media Strategies Summit is the only conference that deals specifically with social networking sites.

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Conversion Conference

Scheduled for April 19-20, Conversion Conference is a large digital marketing conference that brings thousands of people to Las Vegas. One of the more popular workshops scheduled will deal with creating a landing page that catches the eye and entices customers in to visiting other pages and buying from that site. Other workshops will show you some of the tools that you can use on your site. You’ll also have the chance to take classes that look at human behavior and how you can use persuasive methods to encourage shoppers to buy from you.

SearchLove Conference

Plan a trip to Boston to attend the SearchLove Conference June 5-6. Considered one of the top conferences for digital marketing, this conference includes representatives from top companies like Adidas, Demand Media, eBay, Google and Red Bull. You can purchase a standard ticket, purchase a ticket that gives you access to all conference videos or buy a VIP pass that lets you attend all events and watch all videos. Though all workshops deal with online and digital marketing, some workshops deal more closely with topics like paid promotions, understanding search analytics, creating content for your site and using SEO.

Digital marketing professionals need a deep understanding of SEO and content creation when launching a new site in the hopes of making money. If you run a website, design sites for others or work in online marketing, you can learn from experts at the best 2017 conferences for digital marketing.