5 Engaging Marketing Podcasts

If you work in marketing, you already know the long hours, the hurried projects and campaigns, that “can you schedule this tweet?” coming when you’re already in the middle of five other things. You also know the importance of staying relevant, current, and that every marketer has homework, whether on hours or afterwards.

The practice of “working while you work” is common in marketing – the epitome of concurrent tasking. One great – and easy – way to “work while you work” is by listening to entrepreneurial and marketing podcasts – while you’re scheduling those tweets, designing that new marketing pamphlet, or getting ready for a trade show. Here are some of the best and most engaging marketing podcasts that can help you hone your marketing edge on the fly.

The 5-Minute Marketing Podcast

In a rush? This short and sweet podcast delivers up helpful marketing tips in just the space of five minutes. It’s available through iTunes, so you can plug some headphones into your iPod or iPhone on your coffee break and enjoy a brief but intensive dose of marketing wisdom.

Side Hustle Show

If you are a side hustle maven – especially if you cobble together several side hustles for your living – this is the podcast for you. Guests on the show discuss meeting challenges of marketing and selling with time constraints, getting creative with your marketing, and new ways of generating income. The side hustle entrepreneur is becoming a common type, especially among Millennials, making this podcast an indispensable resource. It’s available through Stitcher and iTunes.

Marketing Over Coffee

The perfect breakfast companion, this weekly podcast updates listeners with the latest trends and practices in marketing – so you don’t have to go digging for it yourself. Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, this podcast is also available through Stitcher and iTunes. Best part? It’s short – the average episode is twenty to thirty minutes, making it a perfect listening length for while you’re getting ready to head to the office.


Pat Flynn is one of the most famous entrepreneurs alive, and his daily podcast, just ten minutes long, takes questions from listeners and answers them in great detail. Flynn covers a variety of topics, including search engine optimization, blogging, contact generation, and many more. This short and stout podcast can be found on Stitcher or iTunes.

Build Your Tribe

Hosted by Chalene Johnson, this marketing podcast – updated a couple of times a week – focuses around the community building and management aspects of marketing. Johnson offers advice on community building, management, and maintenance through effective and efficient social media management, email marketing, and a variety of other skills. The average episode is twenty to thirty minutes, and this podcast is available through Stitcher and iTunes.

No matter what area of the marketing industry you’re in, these five excellent podcasts will help you maximize your marketing skills and engage with your – or your company’s – customer base more effectively. These five podcasts represent some of the best on the market, and spending an hour or two a week listening is well worth your effort.
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