5 Entry Level Marketing Jobs

A marketing degree opens doors to multiple job opportunities. Roles are not limited to advertising or copywriting. It is an interesting field estimated to grow in the future. After a person exits college, there are numerous entry-level jobs available, which provide good pay. Here are five of the top positions for new graduates in the marketing industry.

Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator must possess solid analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills. To perform this job effectively, it is essential to communicate well, be creative, and think strategically. A coordinator is responsible for planning public events, handling media relations, and providing administrative support.

A marketing coordinator is often referred to as a marketing manager. This person’s most important roles are analyzing consumer behavior and trying to maximize demand for the company’s products and services. To be successful, it is essential to be organized, have the ability to adapt to current trends, and uncover leads that help grow market share.

Sales Representative

Instead of working in an office, a sales representative enters the field and helps customers make good buying decisions. Besides discovering the wants and needs of the public, this professional organizes shipping schedules and makes sure consumers are satisfied with their purchases. Also, a representative prepares contracts and various marketing presentations. When necessary, this person attends trade shows to uncover new merchandise and coordinates customer appreciation events to thank the public for its loyalty.

This particular job may be listed under other titles, including sales engineer and manufacturer agent. No matter the name, this entry-level position requires a high level of interpersonal skills.

Business Development Representative

A business development representative position is ideal for new college graduates who want an interesting entry-level marketing job. This professional must have entrepreneurial skills, including enthusiasm and drive. He or she must have the ability to cross-sell products to existing customers and attract new clients through email and telephone interactions. In return, a business development representative must respond to inquiries generated by new marketing campaigns. Strategic vision will be needed so that the company can expand its customer base. A smart representative will be able to read the changing market and flow with the times without compromising the company’s core values.

Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst must possess positive leadership skills. This individual performs research and reports helpful information that increases a business’s profits. Usually, this research takes the form of customer satisfaction surveys and product testing. With today’s technology, most customer interaction is done through the Internet. However, focus groups and phone sessions are other helpful tools used to uncover the public’s perception of a company’s products and services. Research also measures the success of ad campaigns and the effects of business decisions. Through analysis, it is possible to determine the best ways to heighten proficiency. After research has been completed, the data is compiled into a report that is examined by the Director of Marketing.

Marketing Account Executive

A marketing account executive develops close relations with individuals or entities that bring benefits to the company. This person establishes contacts so that revenue is maximized. This executive helps a marketing manager price products and divide them into various categories.

An account executive’s major duties are focused on sales. This individual must be creative, especially while working on new marketing campaigns. He or she ensures the visions of project managers, copywriters, and graphic designers align with clients’ needs. A marketing account executive must be organized so that all projects are completed within budget and in a timely fashion.

When a person graduates from college with a degree in marketing, there are various entry-level positions that are fulfilling and offer good salary potential. With a bit of drive, creativity, and flexibility, it is possible to attain great success in the field.