5 Functions of the International Association of Business Communicators

Founded in 1970, the International Association of Business Communicators is a nonprofit organization open to those working in the business industry. Members vote on those who can join its executive board, and that board is responsible for issuing new regulations that members must follow while working in the field. This organization hosts its own annual conference and performs other functions too.

Networking Events

The International Association of Business Communicators is open to both current students and working professionals. One of its primary functions is that the organization hosts networking events in major cities across the country every year. These events let current students and recent graduates meet with those working in fields like public relations and marketing. The organization uses these events as a way to introduce students to some of the jobs open to them and to help them land work in their chosen fields.

Mentor Programs

Signing up for a mentoring program is a great way to learn from those already working in the world today. This organization allows professional members to volunteer and help younger members. Younger members can then sign up to work with a mentor with experience in public relations or a similar field. Mentors give younger members advice regarding which activities or clubs to participate in while in college, the best places to work after graduation, how to write an effective resume and even how to find an internship that might later lead to a full-time job.

Books and Publications

This organization is also responsible for editing and writing books that help a wide range of professionals. “Core Communication: A Guide to Organizational Assessment, Planning and Improvement” is just one of the books that it released over the years. These books offer an inside look at the ways in which professionals talk to each other and how managers can talk to employees. The International Association of Business Communicators also publishes a magazine called Communication World. This magazine is only available online and covers topics designed for opening up dialog among college professors, business professionals, students and others.

Professional Certifications

Professional certification can help employees make more money and qualify for better jobs. According to its website, one of its most popular certifications is a Communication Management Professional certification. This certification is a joint program offered by both the organization and the Global Communication Certification Council. Once you obtain certification, you can maintain your certification when you read books, conduct independent research and write/publish your own research. The council awards you points for continuing with your professional development, which will then help you maintain your certification.

World Conference

One of the main functions of the International Association of Business Communicators is that this organization hosts a world conference every year. This conference takes place over three days and is open to members, but they must purchase tickets and sign up in advance. The event offers professional events that help members improve their skills and develop new skills that will help them on the job and with any future jobs they might hold. In addition to classes and activities, the organization also brings in professionals to host talks. Those talks take place a few times a day from the beginning to the end of the conference.

There are a number of jobs available in the business communications industry. Individuals might work in advertising, marketing, public relations or even corporate training. Though they can get jobs in this field without joining any professional organizations, joining the International Association of Business Communicators is often helpful because this organization offers mentoring programs, networking events and professional conferences every year.

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