5 Functions of the International Public Relations Association

The International Public Relations Association, or IPRA, is today’s union of public relations professionals into one, official association. Those working in this particular industry are well served by staying linked with or maintaining a membership with IPRA. The size and volume of roles played by the association are considerable. Here, we specifically discuss five essential functions of the International Public Relations Association.

Resource Hub

As the leading authority in all things public relations, one of IPRA’s primary goals is to act as a resource to members and non-members. Non-members are invited to become educated in public relations and IPRA standards at the official website as well through a variety of other methods. Members gain that much more with the availability of IPRA endorsement and accreditation, volumes of informational resources, and the full backing of the association in all manners of industry operation.

Industry Ethics Compass

Ethics has always been an important issue in the public relations industry. Sentiments covered by the Public Relations Society of America also acknowledge this profession as a tightrope-walk of ethics versus the pressure of idealized representation. The International Public Relations Association provides a strict code of conduct and proper ethics for anyone in the industry. These codes provide a moral compass for public relations workers, usable in the most difficult of decision-making situations.

Free-Flow of Information

One of the main, inherent goals of the public relations industry is to facilitate the free flow of information. Communication between private parties and the public world is what public relations workers do. In following ethics guidelines as mentioned above, this necessary exchange of information remains unimpeded. It is therefore a subsequent goal of IPRA to oversee the industry as a whole in such matters, leveraging membership perks, accreditation, and more if ever necessary.

Maintain Privacy

Again, highlighting the complexity of this profession, maintenance of privacy standards, even as disclosure specialists, is an important aspect of public relations work. PR workers must know exactly what information can and can’t be disclosed, when, where, how, and for what reasons. This could very well be described as ultra situational awareness. In all of its various roles, as well as through its oversight of member dealings, the International Public Relations Association functions as a great keeper of essential privacy information.

Unification of the Practice

Perhaps IPRA’s greatest function is its own broad service as the authoritative association for the public relations industry. It has the ability to effectively govern the industry. It maintains official, blanket standards in the practice and ethics of public relations operations. It also provides a collective union and representation for the whole of all individuals serving in the industry. This base function was the basis of its original formation in 1955.

As most professional industries tend to be organized under one larger, overseeing body, for the public relations industry, that entity is IPRA. For those interested, much more helpful information can be found at the official IPRA website at https://www.ipra.org/. The International Public Relations Association is available 24/7 for those needing resources or assistance.

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