5 Great Marketing Webinars

Technology, marketing principles, and audience preference change rapidly today. To keep up with the latest innovations, theories, and processes of targeting marketing campaigns successfully, professionals in the field have many tools available to them. For tips and strategies to implement now, marketers can access five marketing webinars that provide creative, strategic information and techniques.

The Art and Science of “Storytelling with Data” Explained

A Forbes article outlines the benefits of telling a story to engage an audience in marketing, gain credibility, and build relationships with marketing targets. When data is presented, the ability to integrate that information with a narrative can create the best marketing outcome. To find out more about the theories behind storytelling and how to develop data and narration together, “The Art of Science of ‘Storytelling with Data’ Explained” is a must-see marketing webinar.

Design Thinking: A New Way to Optimize the Customer Experience

Design thinking is a problem-solving method that places the end user at the start of the design process. In marketing, the same emphasis on providing an extraordinary customer experience by encouraging marketers to think like designers. The result is a focus on a solution or a final product rather than on the problem or driving need or project. Design thinking combines feasibility, strategy, and logical reasoning with imagination and innovation. Marketing professionals who learn how to incorporate design think into a business through this webinar for marketers can improve their bottom line and the reputation of the company overall.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Track ALL of Your Marketing

For marketers who use Google Analytics in daily tracking of website and social media campaigns, the process to gain insight into online results is second nature. This same tool can be utilized in other types of marketing campaigns as well, including radio, television, and print advertising. A few notes of when offline campaigns are reaching audiences compared to website activity and Google searches is just one way to get more out of an online tool that is so useful. This marketing how-to webinar is a helpful first step in getting the most out of Google Analytics.

Saving Money on Mail While Delivering ROI

At the start of a direct mail campaign, the message, design, print, and fulfillment of the project are carefully planned out. In terms of budget investment in printing, copy development, design costs, and postage are most often weighed, evaluated, and trimmed to stay within budget. Marketers should consider other valuable ways than just limiting production in quantity or paper weight. Targeting a prospect mail list can have an even greater impact on a marketing department’s return on investment. Lists can be limited by demographics, location, and more. Ideas in this webinar for marketing point out how this saves money.

The Top Myths about International SEO

An increasing amount of business is being done globally, and this requires for businesses to offer products and services to people around the world. The easiest way to reach such a widespread, diverse audience is to turn to the internet and take advantage of the reach of web traffic. This marketing webinar outlines the fundamentals to understand everything from geo-targeting, knowing how to use international and country-based tags, automated translations, and using existing websites to reach prospective clients instead of investing in multiple sites.

Marketers can choose any number of tools to create materials that work across many channels. Choosing one of these marketing webinars is a convenient way to get up-to-date information to develop campaigns that work.