5 Great Online Business Ideas

Millions of individuals have started online businesses to enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere on their own hours. Like any other commercial enterprise, however, individuals who start an online business must begin with an idea that is feasible in the real marketplace. A careful evaluation of the types of online businesses that can be started, therefore, is an essential first step for sustainable success.

1. Technical Support

Almost every established business needs a technical support line that customers can call, but maintaining a support line can be expensive. Some businesses sell products to only a few customers and, therefore, rarely get calls. Other businesses are legally required to maintain customer support services for decades after ending a product line. Online entrepreneurs can service a pool of businesses that need technical support, and overall support costs can be significantly reduced as a result. Technical support businesses have low capital requirements and can conduct operations exclusively over the Internet.

2. Website Design Business

A website is a critical marketing tool for millions of businesses, and custom design is almost always a requirement for businesses to accomplish their online objectives. Since many businesses rely on websites for a significant proportion of their revenues, a strong business case can be made for paying a premium for a well-designed website. Entrepreneurs, therefore, can start an online website design business to help existing businesses get the customization they require from their online platforms. Website design businesses can often be run from home, and many website designers are able to work as freelancers with total independence.

3. Resume Writer

Finding a great job requires a lasting first impression. Job seekers can benefit from having a resume prepared by a professional writer who understands the fine intricacies of the English language. Most of the U.S. population works in the capacity of an employee, and everyone requires a regularly updated resume to find and maintain their job. Businesses that specialize in resume writing can be especially profitable when entrepreneurs are able to leverage their connections to get resumes in the hands of good employers. Websites and social media are the most effective ways to market a resume writing business.

4. Social Media Consultant

Social media is driving a significant proportion of sales in the modern world, so businesses are increasingly depending on experts who know how to make effective use of these new marketing channels. Since a passion for social media is often what drives entrepreneurs to start an online business, employing this enthusiasm on behalf of customers can often yield profitable results. Entrepreneurs who prove themselves as independent social media consultants can launch a successful career from the comfort of home.

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5. Online Teaching

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion for learning about a particular topic can often do well teaching online. In order to succeed as a teacher, entrepreneurs sometimes need to acquire credibility by completing a degree program at a reputable academic institution. In many cases, however, entrepreneurs with relevant experience or certifications can also become teachers by finding a creative way of proving their expertise. Independent websites can be an effective way to market online teaching businesses, and many online learning platforms are willing to purchase courses from independent teachers.

Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

The barriers to entry are relatively low for many online businesses, but entrepreneurs should not be deceived into thinking that any competitive environment can offer more compensation for less effort. Online entrepreneurs must be prepared to work long hours to get a business established, and responsibilities will only grow with expansion. When starting an online business, therefore, entrepreneurs must ensure that they start with a business concept that is sure to succeed under real market conditions.