5 Great Online Resources About CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is used to manage customer interactions with a company. By analyzing customer interactions throughout the customer’s life cycle, companies can boost their client relationships and keep clients for longer. Companies that need help with CRM can use online resources and open source programs.

1. Insightly

Insightly is one of the best small business solutions for CRM. It offers a free program and a number of features. The free option includes up to 200 megabytes of storage and 2,500 client records. Plus, the website is easy to navigate. Some email marketing options are available at the free level, although more options open up with paid options.

2. Suite CRM

For a free, open source solution, small businesses cannot go wrong with SuiteCRM. This program is actually based around SugarCRM’s open source program. Since SugarCRM is no longer supported, it has become the main alternative. In addition to containing some of the older options, it includes open source add-ons and free forum support. Paid, dedicated support is available with three tiers of different response times. There is a maximum number of support hours available with the dedicated support, but the free forum support can be used as much as the individual needs to. The program includes an updated email module as well as a number of new features.

3. Zurmo

This is one of the latest resources to hit the scene. The goal of this program is to turn CRM into a game. Employees are encouraged to create missions or goals for their work. If they achieve these goals, they are given different badges. Because of this, Zurmo is ideal for companies with a number of coworkers. Employees can challenge each other with new missions and see who wins. Designed with open source software, Zurmo also has a paid option that includes a cloud-based CRM system.

4. FreeCRM

For another online resource for client relationships, individuals can try out FreeCRM. This option provides free software and up to 100,000 contacts. Companies can include 100 free users with the basic features. Like the other free resources on the list, this option has paid versions that include more support, features and storage options. While the free option does not include support, FreeCRM makes up for it with its web-based platform, excellent infrastructure and simple design.

5. CapsuleCRM

This convenient option allows up to 10 MB of storage and two users. The free version includes 250 contacts, but the paid upgrade offers 50,000 contacts. This online resource has received excellent reviews. It is capable of integrating with more than 30 other software programs. Us, it includes a help section with different articles about how to use the platform. For excellent customer relationship management, this free program is the way to go.

Client relationships are the most important thing for any business. By using the right customer relationship management resources, businesses can attract and retain their client base. Best of all, many of the resources available online are completely free and simple to use.