5 Great Online Resources for Learning SEO

The world of search engine optimization, or SEO, can be incredibly confusing. There are many changes every year that the SEO professional has to navigate. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, website designer or business owner who wants to know how to learn SEO, you’ll need to understand the basics of optimizing for search engines, so your content, website or marketing campaigns will get the right amount of traffic to be successful.


This is one of the best resources for learning SEO. It’s frequented by both beginners and experienced SEO professionals. There are many articles and information geared towards beginners who are just starting their journey. There are helpful graphics and detailed resources that will provide a foundation for subsequent chapters. Along with information, the website provides lessons and examples to practice themselves.

Search Engine Land

Like the resource mentioned above, there is a beginning guide to SEO that’s broken into chapters. The beginner will know exactly where to start their SEO journey. The website doesn’t stop with beginner information though. The site is often compared to a digital encyclopedia of all the information you could possibly want to know about search engine optimization. They include a very clever periodic table of SEO Success Factors for those who have already begun their journey but want to advance and drive more traffic to their website or campaign.


Some of the other resources on this list are purely informational, but this resource provides information plus templates and step-by-step guides. There are downloadable planners that will help people drive traffic to their websites. One of the most popular is the 30-day Website Traffic Planner that gives you a task to complete each day for the entire month. On the planner are tasks like “link your pages internally” or “eliminate duplicate content” to clean up your existing content. There are plenty of free guides as well as paid tools to help with traffic.

Search Engine Journal

This site is broken up into topics like SEO, Content, Social and PPC, so you can go to exactly where you need help. It’s meant for SEO professionals who want to sell their services, which will give you an inside look into the world of SEO professionals when you don’t want to hire one yourself. It also includes current news on the world of SEO. It’s constantly changing because of Google’s algorithm, which leaves most beginners confused and uncertain.

Google’s SEO Guidelines

When it comes to learning about SEO that will impact your Google search engine results, it’s best to check in with the source. On the page, “Do you need an SEO?” they cover the basics of SEO and whether you need to hire a professional. There are Google Webmaster Guidelines as well as questions to ask a professional if you do decide to hire one.

How to learn SEO comes down to a beginner resource guide to show you the best practices and information about why it’s important to ranking and driving traffic to your site. As you gain experience, these same resources can provide guidance and information that’s more advanced.