5 Great Online Resources to Learn Marketing Analytics

The Internet offers a generous array of different online resources that aspiring market analysts and enthusiasts can use to study and hone their skills. Depending on your particular needs for specific outlooks, certain specialized learning resources might accommodate you better than others. The following five online resources are among the most reliable that you can use to get up to speed on marketing analytics and move forward on the path to mastery.

Predictive Analytics World

Of all the different hubs for analytics professionals there are, Predictive Analytics World is one of the leaders.

Commercial practitioners, managers, and all other professionals in the trade can benefit from the generous amount of information that Predictive Analytics World provides on notable upcoming analytics events around the globe.

Predictive Analytics World delivers resources related to everything from business, manufacturing, government, healthcare, financial, and workforce-centric analytics events.

Online Behavior Blog

For those who want to stay in the know with the latest in innovative techniques for marketing optimization and measurement, Daniel Waisberg’s Online Behavior Blog could prove useful. For the most part, Online Behavior Blog consists of effective ways that readers can make the most out of the Google Analytics platform.

Apart from the techniques that focus specifically on Google Analytics, Online Behavior Blog caters to analysts who may want to learn about general analysis and reporting techniques as well. The wide range of different techniques that Waisberg’s blog shares are applicable to a diverse array of targeted analytical focuses.

The KISSmetrics Blog

KISSmetrics is yet another blog that those in search of marketing analytics techniques can use to deepen their knowledge and expertise. The blog is updated relatively frequently, giving users an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the most recent breakthroughs in the field.

For more in-depth coverage of the techniques that are covered in the blog posts, KISSmetrics has a Marketing Guides section where visitors can directly download instructional material for putting their newly-acquired knowledge into practice. For a more dynamic and immersive approach to learning, the blog also has a Webinar section where users can check in for live education sessions.

Think With Google: Marketer’s Almanac

Think With Google: Marketer’s Almanac will appeal to those who like the idea of getting frequently updated insights into the ebbs and flows in customer behavior trends.

Seasoned marketing analysts know that their most powerful measurement metric will be a clear outlook on mass consumer behavior from a birds-eye-view, and that is exactly what the Marketer’s Almanac makes possible. Even with a decent amount of marketing analytics experience, professionals of any experience level can always benefit from staying on top of the latest changes.

Business Dynamics Statistics

Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) is a platform that has been specially designed for those who have an interest in observing census data. Through this resource, visitors can have a reliable point of perspective on relevant data drawn from reports on business startups, expansions, closures and more.

BDS was built upon the foundation of the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), a resource exclusively reserved for specially-credentialed researchers. All in all, BDS offers a collection of comprehensive annual statistics that spans from 1976 to 2014. Everything from firms’ ages, sizes, states, and Standard Industrial Classification sectors are included in the BDS series.


The above resources all present fine opportunities for those interested in marketing analytics to both learn and apply knowledge in the field. Customer trends and business performance data are constantly changing, making it beneficial to have a diversified outlook made up of different analytics resources with distinct focuses.

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