5 Reasons to Get GAIQ Certified

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a tool used by smart marketing specialists, but is it a valuable tool, and is it important for you? The certification earned through the exam can do many things for a marketing career. Its value is seen in what it teaches as much as in the certification it confers. Besides the personal satisfaction you have in achieving the certification, here are five reasons to become GAIQ certified.

1. You Can Test Your Google Analytic Skills

Because much of business marketing and sales is done digitally, websites that do not deliver maximum performance waste money and effort. They may even drive customers away. The GAIQ shows you which components of websites work and which don’t. It throws light on which skills you may need to hone and which ones you lack. Those skills give marketing specialists an “analytics platform” they can use to evaluate their company’s website.

2. You Can Learn New Techniques

Data and consumer analysis is foundational to marketing. The GAIQ certification exam teaches marketing professionals how to create an analytics account that helps them understand the advantages and the flaws of their website performance report. For instance, the report may give figures for the number of minutes consumers viewed a website page, but not whether they were engaged or simply left the page open.

3. You Can Identify Marketing Trends with the GAIQ

Through the exam material, marketing analysts can see the direction business is moving. They can see what is working and what is not effective. Using the information gained through the certification, you can evaluate your company website and make changes over time. Keeping abreast of the trends keeps professionals stay current in their knowledge and skills set.

4. You Can Make Yourself More Marketable

Marketing specialists who are certified are more attractive to potential employers. Some statistics show that certifications help employers spend less time in interviews and hire 25 percent faster. That faster hire time and the fact that you have proven skills make you more productive earlier. Besides showing that job applicants have professional skills that will benefit the company digital marketing program, your GAIQ certification gives employers an edge in obtaining their company certification as a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Companies with this designation gain access to special Google support services and resources, conferences and Google listings. That makes the GAIQ certification on a resume an attractive asset. In addition, certification is not required. Taking the initiative to become certified shows that you are motivated to succeed.

5. You Prove Your Value to Your Company

The GAIQ certification demonstrates that you possess superior professional skills and are steadily building upon them. That makes you more likely to get promotions and raises. It also gives you professional credibility. When you make a suggestion about changing aspects of the company website, your employer is more motivated to listen and to act upon your ideas. Plus, if the business encounters a setback and must let some employees go, your certification could be a factor in your retention.

Marketing is a volatile field fueled by human behavior quirks as well as solid research. Analysis of trends and effective use of resources are skills critical to the marketing professional. You worked hard to achieve a career as a marketing specialist, and you must decide which “tools” belong in your professional toolkit. The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification may help you see your assets and limitations as well as the assets and limitations of the programs in which you work.


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