5 SEO Facebook Groups

Search engine optimization Facebook groups give you tips and tricks that you can use for optimizing your own blog or website. Better known as SEO, this term refers to the ways in which you can use keywords and phrases to hook readers and to get viewers to your site. You can get tips on using the right number of words and phrases to get your site to the top of the search engine rankings and find places to hire writers to create the content that you need. Facebook is home to some great SEO groups.

SEO Tutorials

If you’re new to the world of online writing and aren’t sure how to use SEO to your advantage, this group is one of the first places you should start your research. SEO Tutorials is a private group, which means that you will need to log into your account before you can view the full page. The group offers helpful tips on using SEO on your sites and gives you access to easy to follow tutorials. Builder Society named this one of the top resources on Facebook.

USA UK SEO & Online Marketing Group

Though a single person runs this group, it has more than 3,000 members. The person who created the group often posts links to helpful articles and news on upcoming changes to search engines and their rankings. You’ll also find lively discussions and comments posted by members on the page. This group is unique because it includes content suitable for sites that cater to both American readers and those in the United Kingdom.

Comment DX

A successful blog is one that has regular readers and readers who leave comments. The comments they leave behind can act as keywords and help you draw in more readers. One of the best places on Facebook to advertise your site and get readers is Comment DX. The founder of this group requires that you submit a blog post in advance. If the founder approves that blog, it will go live on the group’s page with a link that allows its thousands of members to comment on your post.

10-Day SEO Challenge

One of the best Facebook groups for those who want to increase the rankings of their sites is the 10-Day SEO Challenge. This is a closed group and not open to the public. You will need to send a message to the user who created the group and ask for an invite. Only after you get an invite can you view the content available. The idea behind this group is that you can use tips and techniques to improve the SEO on your page and increase your page views in just 10 days.

Web Tips Tricks!

Formerly known as Internet Idea Techniques, Web Tips Tricks! is a reinvention of that group. It is only of the only public groups dedicated to web content and creation that you’ll find on Facebook today. After becoming a member or just liking the page, you can post your own comments and questions on the site. You’ll also have full access to the group’s discussion board and can view the most recent posts on your home feed. The group usually has a new post every day.

Creating a website requires that you share content and write articles that readers cannot find anywhere else. This helps your page stand out, shows your unique approach to the subject and increases your overall ranking on the web. Facebook groups dedicated to writing for the web and improving your SEO work will help you create a more appealing website that features the right keywords and phrases.