5 SEO LinkedIn Groups

If you work in content writing or web development, you know the critical importance of search engine optimization. SEO is an important tool in successfully creating awareness of and marketing products and services, from makeup to security services. It is incorporated in all web marketing endeavors, from blogs and web articles to social media posts.

Knowledge of SEO is important for all kinds of web professionals – or those in the market for the services of web experts. Here are five LinkedIn Groups on SEO.

Entrepreneurs HQ

This LinkedIn group is something of a mixed bag, and discusses any and all marketing concepts and issues that entrepreneurs deal with in the course of their work. Digital marketing is the focus, and the group features many discussions on SEO and its incorporation into digital marketing strategies, from ads and blogs to social media posts. Those on the entrepreneurial path are encouraged to join and share their ideas and strategies with other entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as learn from the brilliant minds who share theirs.

Social Media and SEO

Featuring a wealth of resources, Social Media and SEO is a group of B2B professionals that come together to share their expertise on the intersection of social media marketing and search engine optimization. The group offers free white papers and industry reports, helping professionals to stay up to date on the most recent and best practices in social media SEO. Discussions on every aspect of SEO are found in this group of nearly forty thousand members, including startup marketing, lead generation, advertising, and a wide variety of other topics.

SEO for WordPress

WordPress has become easily the most popular blogging site for individual bloggers and businesses alike. The SEO for WordPress LinkedIn group features lively discussions on implementing search engine optimization into blog posts, and can help entrepreneurs and business owners maximize SEO effectiveness by providing loads of tips and tricks to make their content marketing more effective. If your business utilizes a WordPress blog for content marketing, this group is a must-join.

SEO and Digital Marketing

This LinkedIn group of nearly twenty thousand members solely deals with the subject of SEO in digital marketing – nothing else. Professionals come together to discuss strategies, implementation tactics, and anything and everything SEO. If you’re looking to dive head-first into pure search engine optimization, SEO and Digital Marketing will offer professional and effective discussion and advice on making your business efforts a success.

SEO Tips and Digital Marketing

SEO Tips and Digital Marketing hosts just under eight thousand members, but is an excellent way to get quick tips and tricks to start implementing search engine optimization into your digital marketing efforts right away. Having a deep understanding of SEO will certainly make your marketing more effective – but this group is an excellent place to start if you’re a beginner to the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Search engine optimization is a complex topic in marketing that is constantly evolving – so often that it can be difficult to keep track. However, joining one of these LinkedIn groups will enhance your knowledge of SEO and help you stay totally up to date – so that your business marketing efforts will more consistently pay off.