5 Surprising Jobs for a Communications Graduate

Few people think about it, but there are at least five unexpected places a communications major can work. Of course, there are a number of high-paying jobs for these professionals, mostly in public relations and as part of a company’s marketing team, but there are other, more nuanced jobs that need the skills these professionals can provide. Here is just a short list to help these students start thinking about their future.

1. Copywriting

One of the most unusual places for communications majors is the freelance world, specifically as a copywriter. This job entails writing copy for businesses who are trying to engage an audience and requires exceptional writing and marketing skills. Freelancers can work anywhere in the world and majors in this field will find that their work will be appreciated in a number of industries and can lead to a high-paying career in a few short years.

2. Librarian

The idea of a communications major working at a library can seem unusual, but it is an incredible career choice for these students. Librarians work day-to-day with not only visitors to their library, but also a team of people who decide what books to shelve, which authors to invite to read at an event; they also help with fundraising efforts. Communications majors are known for their detail-oriented style, and becoming a librarian might be a great choice for a professional who enjoys taking on different responsibilities and working with a variety of people during their career.

3. Diplomat

Diplomats are the first and best purveyors of a country’s agenda, which means they are the first line of communications between nations. For this reason, although many diplomats are politicians or lawyers, a student of communications is an asset. With further training and education in the fields of law and politics, this professional can learn how to use their communications skills to further an agenda, diffuse a potential threat, or foster relationships with allies. And because so much of diplomacy is done internationally, this professional can also use their knowledge of etiquette and communications of other countries to facilitate a good working relationship with their counterparts in different regions of the world.

4. Intelligence Field Agent

There is an incredible opportunity for communications majors who are interested in working for the government. Intelligence field agents, who can work for the CIA or FBI, often must recruit contacts in different regions and build relationships that help keep America safe. With the skills mastered in college, communications majors can be great assets in the field, especially if they also hold fluency in another language. And as the intelligence community becomes more global, it is necessary to have agents in the field that understand how critical building relationships is, including building relationships that can foster results for the country.

5. Auctioneer

Auctioneering may not even be on a communication’s majors mind, but it is a great career for anyone interested in working in an auction house. From learning the ropes of auctioneering during estate sales to getting training in how to obtain and then appraise items, a communications major can make use of their degree in this field. Because so much of auctioneering is based on networking, a communications major can use their skills to make connections, find interesting items, and build a high-profile career. A few places an auctioneer could work include at auction houses or for themselves, working for private clients who deal with high-end sales.

Communications is an interesting major in college because it lends itself to a variety of fields. Students who study this major are often high-value candidates and can easily find work. For those who are interested in unique opportunities, the five surprising places a communications major can work listed above is a great place to start.

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