5 Tips for Turning Your Marketing Internship Into a Full-Time Job

5-tips-for-turning-your-marketing-internship-into-a-full-time-jobMaking the transition from student to professional can be tricky, and internships can be a fantastic tool to help you bridge that gap. They provide invaluable experience, enrich a resume and offer opportunities to network with other professionals already working in your chosen field. They can also lead to a job offer. According to Forbes, nearly 70 percent of companies with 100 or more employees offered their interns full-time positions in 2012. Here are five tips that can help you turn your marketing internship into a job offer.

1. Choose Your Internship Carefully

Not all internships are created equally. Look for an internship that offers you opportunities to actively participate in the company’s activities. This allows you to learn by doing and provides you with the chance to show how your skills can benefit the company. When considering internships, talk with your adviser and other students who have already completed internships to learn what is expected. Generally speaking, small and medium-sized companies tend to offer students the best opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

2. Treat Your Internship Like a Job Interview

If you are hoping to turn your internship into a job offer, then it is wise to treat the experience like it is a lengthy job interview. Market yourself by demonstrating your skills and the advantages that hiring you will offer. Be punctual, professional and put your best qualities on display. Follow the office dress code, be willing to work, and engage with others in the office respectfully and politely. Be friendly and show that you can fit in with the corporate culture, and be careful to avoid gossiping and other negative behaviors.

3. Ask Questions Wisely

Interns are there to learn, so they are expected to ask questions. Set yourself apart but doing this wisely. Do your own research so that you do not have to waste anyone’s time by asking for information that you should already know. If necessary, ask for clarification or confirmation of what you have learned. When the answers you need aren’t available through other sources, do not hesitate to ask for them, but choose your moments. Remember that everyone is there to work, so try not to interrupt their efforts unnecessarily.

4. Give 100 Percent

When hiring, companies want employees that are willing to work, so showing the company that you are interning with that you have a healthy work ethic is crucial if you hope to land a job there. Arrive on-time and ready to work and do not leave early or dodge assigned tasks. Even menial chores can be a chance to demonstrate that you will do what it takes to get the job done, so you should complete every task that you are given to the best of your ability. In addition, don’t be afraid to volunteer ideas or offer to help with a project.

5. Keep in Touch

What if the company where you are interning is not hiring at the moment or you aren’t ready to enter the workforce? An internship can still lead to a job offer in the future if you put some effort into building bridges. Gather contact information for the people you worked with and send them thank you notes after the internship is completed. If possible, connect with them through a networking website like LinkedIn. If a position does open up in the future, keeping in touch can increase the odds that you will be considered for it.

Internships provide students with a chance to show a company how valuable they can be. Students who make the most of this opportunity will be rewarded with new contacts and professional experience. They may also find that an internship opens the door for a job offer.

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