5 Useful Certifications for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals have to prove that they understand how to market in today’s world. While that can be done with a marketing degree, the knowledge acquired is tested and improved with marketing certifications. These are some of the most useful marketing certifications, and they are valued by businesses. Marketing encompasses tasks like content marketing, social media and SEO, which are vital in any kind of marketing.

Google Analytics Certification

It might be surprising to see this on the list because it’s a free certification from a place that isn’t necessarily a marketing tool. The marketing you do will be analyzed in this dashboard. If you can’t understand the analytical data from this tool, you can’t know how successful your marketing campaign is. There is a Google Analytics University, a study guide and the free certification. Employers want to know that you understand how to read and track analytics during marketing and advertising campaigns.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is still one of the biggest social media platforms globally, which is why marketers will want to be as knowledgeable as possible about it. Like many platforms, it’s going through constant changes. Facebook Ads allow companies to target specific customer profiles and drive traffic. Facebook Blueprint will train you in how to target audience and test exactly what they want. The training covers a variety of marketing like Ad Placements, Advanced Best Practices and Advertising Objectives. When you know detailed information about how to leverage Facebook, you’ll be a value to the company.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

There are plenty of free training and certifications on the web, so it can be difficult to know the ones worth having. HubSpot is a well-known company in the marketing world. The training offered will cover the basics of inbound marketing with 12 classes spanning topics like Enticing Clicks with Calls-to-Action or the Anatomy of a Landing Page. It covers the basics like SEO, social media and blogging. The classes are 5 hours in total, and after the training, there’s a 60-question exam.

Content Marketing Institute University

When you can train with a famous authority in a certain field, your certification means more to the employer. The Content Marketing Institute is one of those authorities. It’s training and certification that doesn’t come free though. They provide tons of training in marketing like how to plan a content marketing campaign, implement the process, how to tell a story and measurement of the campaign’s success. The costs cover an annual subscription to the lessons as well as the exam.

Digital Marketer Customer Acquisition Certification

The goal of a marketer is gaining customers. This certificate helps you learn how to acquire customers through digital marketing. That includes knowledge of Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook advertising. All of those platforms help a business attract customers and drive them to become customers. You can purchase training alone or training as well as certification with your fees.

Whether you have a marketing degree or not, you can gain certification with an online program that will impress employers and give you knowledge you might not have learned in school. Online marketing is a constantly changing landscape that will force you to fight to stay current on an ongoing basis.