5 Ways Companies Can Use Snapchat to Grow Their Business

Looking at how companies use SnapChat is a great way to see social media marketing in action.

SnapChat started life as a simple app that let users share videos and images that others could only view for a short period of time. The app became more popular after companies learned they could raise brand awareness through it.

SnapChat is a direct competitor to social networking sites that companies can now use in a variety of different ways.

Unique Content

As you look at how companies use SnapChat, you’ll find that many companies use this app as a way to share unique content with users. McDonald’s experienced a high level of success after partnering with NBA superstar LeBron James. James appeared in a series of videos that took users behind the scenes as he walked the red carpet, practiced for upcoming games and even shot commercials for the fast food chain. Fans of the basketball player could only view those videos via SnapChat.

Brand Sharing

Another great way companies use SnapChat is through something called brand sharing. Instead of trying to secure millions of followers and seek out new customers on their own, these companies partner with another company. This encourages users to follow both companies at the same time. One example is a fast food restaurant that partners with a shoe company. The restaurant offers videos and images of people wearing those shoes in local restaurants, and the shoe company shares videos and photos of its models hanging out in those restaurants on its own account.

Contests and Promotions

Many of those who search for information on how companies use SnapChat find that these companies offer contests and promotions that customers can only take advantage of via the app. A fast food restaurant might run a contest that awards new game consoles to contests entrants every hour, but you can only enter that contest on SnapChat. Other companies will offer virtual coupons and discounts that are only available through the app. This encourages shoppers to follow that company in the hopes of winning big prizes later or getting coupons they can use when shopping in local stores or online.

Live Feeds

Companies also use SnapChat as a way to share live feeds with registered users. SnapChat is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults. Companies know that if they build brand loyalty among those customers at a younger age, those customers will keep coming back in the future. Live feeds allow customers to view their favorite celebrities at red carpet events or see those celebrities answer questions submitted by users in real time. Using athletes, actors and musicians who appeal to younger audiences will lead to an increase in followers and an increase in overall sales.

Viral Content

After looking at how companies use SnapChat, Lindsay Kolowich found that one of the most effective ways to use the app came from the Sour Patch Kids brand. The makers of this sweet and sour candy jumped feet first into the SnapChat world and became one of the first companies to experience a high level of success. It created a line of funny videos that showed people dressed up like the candies and representations of the candies in real life. Those videos were such a success that the company later released similar videos as full commercials.

SnapChat is just one of the apps that companies can use for social media campaigns. This app is popular with teens but has a large number of adult followers and users too. Looking at how companies use SnapChat might inspire you to use the app for your own business.

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