Top 10 Ipad Apps for Marketing Communication

Venue, opportunity, exposure, benefit, message – these are some of the terms of chief concern for today’s entrepreneurial marketing or business communications professional. And in today’s world of immediacy and ever-changing factors, it’s certainly comforting to have as many, or, more applicable tools on your side as the next guy. Here are 10 of the top iPad apps for marketing and business communications.



1. MultiPR

Heralded for its simplicity and effectiveness, MultiPR is a multi-tool for the marketing professional. Check real-time Google page ranks for different url’s, store domains, use color-code organization, enjoy automatic refreshes, and more with this one convenient iPad marketing tool.



2. HootSuite for Twitter and Facebook

HootSuite is a combination PR, communications, and marketing tool with which one can control their entire Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Facebook accounts. For globalized business, Hootsuite is international, with over 50 languages. Users can also track stats and keywords and schedule changes and updates with streamlined simplicity.



3. BlogPress

In a world where blogging is big business, blogging and managing blogs on the go is unbeatably easy with CLT Studio’s BlogPress. A small portion of its overwhelming list of abilities: geo-detection, interface with all major blogging venues, easy media incorporation, great publishing and scheduling tools, WordPress management, landscape editing, signature application, and much more.



4. Dropbox

Even if business communications or marketing is not your main concern, Dropbox probably has something for you. With Dropbox, there is virtually no limit to file movement, sharing, and storage. Use this app to easily move songs, videos, documents and more from most sources to most destinations.



5. SEO Search Ranking

The very narrow yet extremely important focus of this app is to provide mobile, website SERP tracking. For the user’s utmost convenience, this is for an unlimited number of keywords and unlimited number of websites. Color-code organization, country-specific results, real Google results, SERP graphs, and more are available through the SEO Search Ranking App.



6. Analytics Tiles App

Visually stimulating and fun are some of the adjectives popularly used in describing the Analytics Tiles App, by Interactivemonday LTD. In this intuitive presentation, individual tiles are used to represent individual information reports. Arrange them any way you would like and set the focus on as much or as little as you would like to know about your websites and e-commerce.



7. Here On Biz

Here On Biz is a real-time networking assistant for those who look to affiliation, association, and networking ties anytime, day or night. Marketing associates as well as many other business professionals are reaping the rewards of knowing who is where, when, and being able to communicate with them freely. This app can make the most of any downtime you may have.



8. Todo

Todo is a comprehensive, personal task manager and scheduler. No great project is without the need for great organization. This is especially true with regard to important events, dates, and times. Todo users experience the ability to manage all aspects of their personal schedule and projects; all with group collaboration capability.



9. Idea Sketch

Nosleep Software’s Idea Sketch is a major success with those needing to organize and record complex thoughts while on the go. Mind maps, outlines, concept webs, and other idea-organizing templates are all available within this highly intuitive, highly interactive tool. Draw out a concept, take notes on a thought, or just brainstorm-doodle, then organize it all with this helpful app.



10. Reeder

Reeder can be used as either a standalone RSS reader, Feedbin, Fever, Google Reader, or Readability client. The 14 observable sharing services include the likes of Facebook, Evernote, Zootool, Instapaper, Pocket, and others. Image caching and article viewing are also seemless via the Reeder app.