How Can I Get a Job as Advertising Manager?

Advertising ManagerAre you interested in learning how to get a job as an advertising manager? If you want to become a leader in an advertising firm, you need to consider the path that is best for you. The path that you take to get into advertising management depends entirely on your current educational level and how much time you are willing to put into gaining experience in the field. If you would like to know how you can become a part of the promotional activities of an organization with the title of advertising manager, read on and learn about common paths that professionals who hold this title have taken.

Get the Knowledge You Need to Succeed

It may be important to research the industry, but it is also very important to get your degree before you pursue any entry-level or mid-level advertising positions. You can take your classes at several different institutions, but it is important to select a program that is regionally accredited. It is important to choose the right major while you are still an undergraduate student as well. Most advertising managers have a degree in either media, communications, advertising or marketing, but there are other options that can give you industry knowledge. While a Bachelor’s will give you leverage when you are applying for positions, you must realize that in the competitive world of advertising management, you will need much more than a degree.

Learn How to Market Yourself

If you are going to be in charge of promoting products and services that are offered by a company, you need to first be able to take charge and promote yourself. All too often, individuals lean on their degree to try and land positions in advertising. What you will find is that there is competition in the field and not all candidates have a degree. Advertising is a very unique field where applicants do not have to have a degree to qualify for a position. With the right industry contacts and a knack for promoting yourself, you can show potential employers you are a great pick to sell and promote. After all, if you can show off your talents marketing yourself and branding yourself as a professional advertiser, you can show that you are a good fit.

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What Are the Prospects in the Field?

Advertising is changing dramatically, and there is a need for experienced advertising managers that can keep up with the changes. If you want to enter the field, you need to know what the prospects are for a career in the field. Based on statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field is expected to grow by 12% by the year 2022. This statistic is faster than the national average, and this shows good outlook if you are studying to enter the field now.

If you want to become a promotions manager with a company or a firm, now is the time to choose your degree program. Completing an internship may solidify your chances of getting a leg in at a Big Four firm. Equipped with this knowledge of how to get a job as an advertising manager, you can take the right steps to succeed.