What Are the Highest Paying Marketing Jobs?

Marketing JobsIf you are a college student studying marketing or planning to get a degree in this field for landing a top-level executive position, then it is important to be aware of the highest paying marketing jobs that are available. For professionals with international experience and knowledge about the newest strategies for reaching an audience, the top high-paying jobs in marketing can lead to a very lucrative income. Although marketing positions have been tough to find over the last few years and most company’s marketing teams are still quite lean, hiring is starting to slowly pick up. In fact, employment in marketing management jobs is expected to grow by 13%, thus creating 22,900 new openings before 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read on to learn more about the leading executive jobs in marketing that often come with very healthy paychecks.

International Marketing Executive

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there are always new opportunities emerging in the area of international marketing to reach audiences on the global stage. As the World Wide Web provides an exceptional portal for global marketing, huge multinational companies and other global businesses are creating a demand for international marketing professionals to market their products and/or services to people around the world. At the highest level of the field, International Marketing Executives are responsible for planning and directing international marketing strategies that capture attention from all cultures, channels, and markets. Therefore, companies are willing to pay top dollar for International Marketing Executives, who typically have an average annual salary of $282,100.

Sales Channel Development Executive

In today’s competitive global business marketplace, companies place a high value on marketing professionals who have the capabilities needed to manage channel development in methods that can increase profitability. With their analytics expertise, traditional marketing experience, and know-how in new channels, Sales Channel Development Executives have the most direct link towards bringing money into the organization. In exchange for helping the company and its channel partners expand customer base to grow revenue potential, Sales Channel Development Executives are highly rewarded with an average salary of $267,200 each year. Since the number of companies moving into e-commerce is astronomical, salaries for top channel development experts far surpass those of other domestic marketing executives.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

At the top level of various organizations, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is given the responsibility of overseeing marketing initiatives for sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications, market research, pricing, advertising, customer service, and promotional campaigns. With around 1,734 CMOs employed around the world, these upper-level executives are vital to facilitate company growth, increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks with marketing activities. Since the best CMOs quickly adapt their organization’s strategies across an array of ever-changing channels, it is no surprise that they are well-rewarded for their expertise with an average salary of $244,400 annually.

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Overall, there are several lucrative marketing jobs available that have an average yearly salary that approaches the quarter-million market, but simply getting selected for interviews for these positions will be fiercely competitive. According to Forbes, in order to ensure that you have the skills, knowledge, personality, experience, and energy that companies are looking for in the highest paying marketing jobs, make sure you build your qualifications at a top-tier MBA program concentrated in marketing before working your way up to these executive-level positions.