What Type of Jobs Can I Get With a Masters in Marketing?

If you’re planning on working toward a Masters in Marketing, you may be wondering what types of jobs you can find upon graduation. Depending on the specialization of your degree and the skills you learn, you may find yourself looking at job possibilities in a wide variety of settings. Given the growing interest in and importance of marketing in our culture, there’s not likely to be a shortage of opportunities. It’s more a matter of tailoring your job search and your education to your particular interests.

Different Types of Marketing Degrees

As you look into marketing programs, you’ll soon discover that there are a variety of marketing degrees and specializations within degrees. Some people choose to work toward a more general MBA degree with a marketing emphasis, but it’s becoming more common for those who are specifically interested in a marketing career to seek out a more intensely focused marketing degree.

One option is a Master of Science in Marketing degree, which may offer specialized tracks such as Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analysis or Research. What emphases are offered will likely depend on the school and its philosophy and approach. A Master of Marketing Research degree focuses solely on research.

Whichever kind of marketing program you choose, it’s a good idea to work in a specialized field that really interests you, or in which you already have some practical experience.

Types of Jobs Available to Marketing Graduates

Public relations management, market research analysis and advertising management are three types of jobs marketing graduates may be well prepared for.

Public relations managers help companies manage their public face to clients and customers. Networking and helping a company create a positive image are important parts of PR work. Writing press releases and speeches may be part of this job, as a PR manager tries to help a company maintain positive publicity. A good PR manager, however, will also know how to help a company weather negative publicity.

A market research analyst helps a company in another way, namely to ascertain what customers are hoping and willing to buy. Analysts do this by conducting research into consumer opinions and habits and analyzing the data. Based on their analysis, they may predict customer response and market trends. They may also analyze how competitor companies are handling their marketing strategies.

An advertising manager works with a staff to create ad campaigns to help a company sell a service or product. An advertising manager may work with a campaign from idea stage to final delivery. Depending on how big the campaign and what type of ad campaign it is, an advertising manager could end up working with a wide variety of media.

Jobs in marketing, of course, may not always be for companies. Non-profit organizations, such as religious or civic organizations, sometimes need graduates with marketing skills too. Whichever job area you choose, the positive news is that an advanced degree in marketing will likely help open doors along the way.

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