What Types of Jobs Can I Get with a Marketing MBA?

Marketing MBAIf you are looking to further your education, but not sure of the are you want to pursue, you might be wondering what types of jobs are available to someone with a Marketing MBA.

Brand Marketing Manager

While the minimum educational requirement for this job is a bachelor’s degree, your master’s will put you at the top of the list.

A brand marketing manager’s primary responsibility is to promote both short- and long-term growth for the company through the development and execution of marketing initiatives and branding plans. They’re responsible for developing branding strategies, collaborating with product management, monitoring competitive activity and conducting market research, all while staying within budget. Excellent communications are essential since a branding marketing manager collaborates internally with many company departments while overseeing marketing communications, sales and media activity.

The median annual salary of a brand marketing manager is $67,284, with a salary range of $41,291 to $105,008.

Marketing Manager

Marketing manager positions usually have an educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree or higher, and there you are with your MBA.

A marketing manager’s primary responsibility is to identify potential customers, assess the demand for the company’s products, and contribute to maximizing profits and market share. They recommend and implement marketing programs, develop campaigns for products and services and oversee, assess and review marketing activity results. Marketing managers regularly prepare internal presentations for the advertising department and act as liaison to the media.

The median annual salary of a marketing manager is $59,301, with a salary range of $38,428 to $93,768.

Product Marketing Manager

Once, again, a bachelor’s degree may get you an interview, but your MBA in Marketing may get you the job.

A product marketing manager must have extensive familiarity with the products the company sells. They create a strategy based on their company knowledge, knowledge of the product and an understanding of the target market. Product marketing managers can work locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Some companies may look for a candidate that has some experience or expertise in their particular field.

The median annual salary of a product marketing manager is $81,552, with a salary range of $49,708 to $118,679.

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Will my MBA get me the high paying jobs?

The thing that will get you the high paying jobs is adding experience to your education. If you start at the low end of the salary range, don’t despair. Employers are looking for employees that can grow with them as they learn the company culture and what it is they have to offer to waiting consumers.

With the experience you will gain combined with your education, you can aspire to high paying positions, like:

  • Director of Marketing and Business Development – median salary, $86,690
  • Senior Product Manager – median salary, $110,638
  • Vice President, Marketing – median salary $134,395

With an MBA in Marketing, you have in front of you a number of career entries into management that can lead to the executive level. For more in depth job descriptions and salary information for candidates with a marketing MBA, go to payscale.com. You’ve worked hard to get your degree. Now it’s time to let it work for you!