5 Great Twitter Accounts All Marketing Professionals Should Follow

If you’re considering earning your marketing degree, then you’ll have the chance to work for practically any kind of company in almost any industry. To learn about the particulars of the field, consider following Twitter accounts managed by industry experts. Five great ones are:

• Jay Baer
• Brian Clark
• Suki Thomson
• Christel Quek
• Rand Fishkin

Jay Baer

As a marketing professional, you’ll want to follow Jay Baer’s Twitter account because of the advice that he shares. His tips are solid, and when it comes to content marketing, his take is all about freethinking. This can help you gain the confidence to reveal your own unique ideas about a marketing project or advertising campaign. Mr. Baer has worked for major corporations like Nike and Cisco. He has even been a strategist for The United Nations. Today, he is a keynote speaker and an emcee who motivates the workforces of leading organizations around the world.

Brian Clark

While the name “Brian Clark” may not be familiar, you’ve most likely heard of the CopyBlogger website. Through the site, Mr. Clark and 10 other experts share content and social media marketing tips. He began Copyblogger in 2006. Because of its helpful content and attention-grabbing copy, the site has been recognized as one of the Internet’s most powerful blogs. Currently, Mr. Clark is the CEO of Rainmaker Digital. He got his start in the industry more than 15 years ago after experiencing his first entrepreneurial success in 1999. Mr. Clark launched two more businesses using his online marketing and infrastructure skills. By following his Twitter account, you’ll receive helpful industry tips and advice.

Suki Thomson

Suki Thomson is the CEO of Oystercatchers, which is why she spends her time consorting with advertising and marketing executives. Oystercatchers specializes in helping companies increase their marketing performance. The company offers consulting services to personalize its suggestions. By following her Twitter account, you’ll stay current on the latest trends in marketing. She posts reminders regarding the company’s up and coming speaking engagements. If one is being held in your area, consider attending. You’ll have the chance to learn how today’s marketing professionals use social media and data. Ms. Thomson has consulted with major corporations throughout the world making her advice especially valuable.

Christel Quek

Today, Christel Quek is the vice president of Brandwatch South East Asia. In the past, she was a Twitter content leader across Greater China, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Russia and North Africa. Ms. Quek created #WinAtContent, which was the first continuous content planning program. She also produced Twitter’s first book for its international markets. On her personal Twitter feed, Ms. Quek shares current information about digital advertising news. She also tracks Brandwatch’s growth. Ms. Quek’s insights will entertain and teach you since she focuses on human behavior and how technology affects it.

Rand Fishkin

As the co-founder of SEOMoz, Rand Fishkin knows what it takes to be a successful online marketer. SEOmoz is one of the most lucrative SEO agencies to date. In fact, the firm was so successful that Mr. Fishkin transformed it into a full-fledged company. Recently, he stepped down from the CEO position to advise the industry’s up and comers. By following his Twitter feed, you’ll learn about the field and receive tips regarding the industry’s current state. Mr. Fishkin confirmed that intends to write a book, so keep an eye out for it.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

The marketing industry is a fast-paced field that will invigorate and challenge you. With marketing experts sharing their advice on social media sites like Twitter, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your career by taking their recommendations to heart.