5 Tips for Landing Your First Marketing Job

5-tips-for-landing-your-first-marketing-jobWhether you’re still in school or have recently graduated, you’re probably eager to land your first bona fide marketing job. Competition is fierce in the industry, so it pays to lay the groundwork for career success long before you actually start looking for jobs. Do so by familiarizing yourself with the top strategies for getting a marketing job quickly and effortlessly.

1. Gain Experience with an Internship

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a promising job listing only to discover that experience is required. How are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you without it? That’s where internships come in. If possible, snag a part-time one while you’re still in school. Look for opportunities to volunteer your services to non-profit organizations too. After graduating, look for a full-time internship. Paid opportunities are out there, and many lead to full-time jobs.

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2. Get Busy Networking

Like most career fields, landing a great marketing job is often about knowing the right people. School offers many great opportunities for networking with others within the field, including with professors and advisors. See if your school has any relevant student organizations and get actively involved in them. After graduating, find out if there are any alumni associations that apply to your field. Check around locally for industry associations that pertain to marketing. Join them and participate in their events to get to know others in the field. Before too long, you’ll know plenty of local movers and shakers in the marketing world.

3. Establish a Professional Online Presence

When you apply for marketing jobs, prospective employers will want samples of your work. You should be able to accumulate plenty of viable ones during the course of your studies, but you should also get busy establishing and maintaining a professional online presence. Create a website, and use it to share your portfolio with the world. If possible, use a blog to share your insights and to stay actively involved in industry happenings. In this day and age, no one in the marketing world can afford not to have a strong online presence, so make sure to branch out to popular social media platforms too.

4. Be Realistic

We’ve all heard stories about recent graduates who stumble into amazing jobs right off the bat. As nice as it would be, that’s not in the cards for most people. The majority of marketing grads must make do with entry-level jobs to gain the experience that’s needed for more prominent positions. Be prepared to do grunt work for some time, and don’t be shocked if your initial salary isn’t much to write home about. After paying your dues, you will be well-prepared for an amazing career in the marketing field.

5. Stand Out with a Great Cover Letter

Crafting a well-designed resume matters, of course, but as a recent graduate without a lot of work experience, it will probably turn out pretty thin. Make yourself stand out from the sea of other eager candidates by creating a truly impressive cover letter. The best way to do that is by researching the companies where you’re applying for jobs and ensuring that your knowledge is reflected in the letter. Explain why you would like to work for the company to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

After working hard to earn your degree, having to settle for entry-level jobs can feel pretty anticlimactic. Remember, however, that these early stages of your career will build the foundation for what’s sure to be a highly successful career. With patience and persistence, you will get there before you know it.